SNMP configuration on Huawei OLT

SNMP configuration on Huawei OLT 

I will show you the steps to configure SNMP to monitor OLT Huawei. First item, disable a security feature that does not allow the creation of SNMP communities with standard, public, private type names, etc.

Access the OLT configuration mode.

  • # Enable
  • # Config

Now let’s define the SNMP option.

  • MA5800-X17 (config) snmp-agent sys-info version v2c

Defining SNMP communities.

  • MA5800-X17 (config) # snmp-agent community write private
  • MA5800-X17 (config) # snmp-agent community read public

Enabling snmp traps

  • MA5800-X17 (config) # snmp-agent trap enable standard

Defining format of SNMP traps

  • MA5800-X17 (config) # snmp-agent trap-format standard

Congratulations!! you activated the SNMP feature on the Huawei OLT

SNMP Config on huawei olt

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