Save audio from TikTok

Published: June 12, 2022

Last Modified: April 3, 2023

Save audio from TikTok

Method 1: Download the video

The easiest way to save sounds from TikTok to your smartphone is to download the video. This method is suitable for those who do not need to separate the music from the picture. For example, if you like a song or a quote and want to listen to it from time to time, A huge advantage of the solution is the simplicity and speed of its implementation, but there is also a drawback—not all authors open the video for download.

  1.  Select the desired video in TikTok.
  2.  Tap on the arrow icon on the right side.
  3.  Tap the “Save Video” button.
  4.  Wait for the download to complete.

Shazam is the second method.

One of the fastest ways to find and subsequently download sounds from TikTok is to recognize the melody using the Shazam application, available for smartphones on any operating system. First, let’s look at the process of setting up the application in such a way that it would be possible to determine the song without installation.

  1. To add music recognition to the iPhone, open Settings.
  2.  Go to the “Control Center” section.
  4.  Next, scroll down the list to the line “Music Recognition.” Tap on the plus icon on the left.
  5.  After completing these steps, when you open Control Center with a swipe down (swipe up on smartphones with Touch ID), you will see the Shazam icon.
  6.  To start searching for a song, open any desired TikTok video and swipe down.
  7.  Turn on the “Music Recognition” option.
  9.  Return to video. In order for Shazam to find a song from TikTok, you should wait a few seconds. The waiting time directly depends on the composition, Internet speed, and the presence or absence of superimposed sound effects.
  10.  A message will appear at the top with the name of the song. Tap to open additional features.
  11.  With an Apple Music subscription connected, you can simply tap the corresponding icon to download or buy a song.


If you are a smartphone user on the Android operating system, use the instructions below.

After you have determined the artist and the name of the track, all that remains is to download it to your smartphone. To do this, you can use various services and applications that are suitable for your phone. If you have paid subscriptions to YouTube, Apple Music, and other similar services, after Shazam recognizes the song, you can save it immediately to your device.

Method 3: Telegram bot

Chatbots in Telegram allow you not only to download videos without watermarks from TikTok, but also save the audio from the video you like separately. At the moment, there are several properly working bots, and since the principle of use is the same for everyone, we will consider only one in the instructions. The method is suitable for owners of any smartphone, but on the iPhone it will be possible to save sound only in the Files folder or in cloud storage.

  1. Launch TikTok and select the video you want to save the sound from on your device.
  2.  Tap the arrow on the right side to go to the menu.
  3.  Tap the link button.
  4.  Wait for the confirmation message to appear.
  5.  Go to Telegram and type @TTaudiobot in the search bar. Tap on the desired chat.
  6.  To start working with the bot, you need to touch the button shown in the screenshot.
  7.  This chatbot first of all offers to choose a language for work.
  8.  Touch and hold your finger on the message input line until the Insert button appears.
  9.  Submit a link to the video.
  10.  Wait until the chatbot sends you an audio file with music from TikTok in response, and save it.

Method Four: Third-party services

Online services provide an opportunity, using any device, to save not only the video itself from TikTok but also the sound separately. The biggest advantages are speed and convenience. If in the case of video, with this method, the quality of the picture suffers, then there are no problems when downloading audio. Consider the two most popular sites. 

SSSTikTok is Option 1.

The principle of operation is extremely simple: you insert a link to the necessary video from TikTok, the service processes and downloads the file to the device. The instructions are suitable for owners of smartphones based on iOS and Android.

  1. Launch the application and select a video with the sound you are interested in.
  2.  Tap on the arrow to go to the additional menu.
  3.  Tap the link button.
  4.  Wait until a message appears stating that the link was copied successfully.
  5.  Open any browser and start typing the name of the service, or just follow the link above.
  6.  To speed up the process, you can immediately open the desired section of the service from the browser.
  7.  Touch the line to enter a request and hold for a few seconds until a pop-up window appears, then tap on it to “Insert.”
  8.  Select “Download.”
  9.  Wait for the video conversion to finish.
  10.  Click “Download MP3” to download the audio.
  11.  After downloading the file, touch the button to go to the menu.
  12.  On the iPhone, you can either save the file to the cloud storage, or send it to your other devices, or add the audio recording to the “Files” section. On phones with Android, at this stage, just tap the button “Save to device”.

Load is the second option.

The Qload online service works on the same principle as the previous one, providing the ability to download music from TikTok without losing quality.

  1. Open TikTok and select the video with sound you want to save.
  2.  Follow the arrow to open the additional menu.
  3.  Tap the “Link” button.
  4.  Wait for the copy to be completed.
  5.  Open up any browser on your mobile device.
  6.  In the address bar, start typing the name “Load” or go directly to the link above.
  7.  For convenience, you can go directly to the page for downloading music.
  8.  Hold your finger on the specified field until the “Insert” button appears and then use it.
  9.  Tap the Find button.
  10.  The name of the song and the author of the music from the selected TikTok will appear. To download the file, follow the link “Download track”.
  11.  Select “Download.”
  12.  Open the “Menu” section of your browser.
  13.  Tap the line “Downloads.”
  14.  Touch the name of the downloaded track.
  15.  Next, go to the additional menu.
  16.  On iPhones, downloaded music can be saved in the cloud, sent to another device, or sent to the “Files” section. Owners of smartphones on the Android operating system can immediately save the song to their device.

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