How to change country on TikTok ?

Published: June 20, 2022

Last Modified: April 3, 2023

Why do you need to change country on TikTok ?

Before starting the description of the available methods, let’s figure out why you need to change the country on TikTok at all and what it gives the user. There are two key factors that you need to pay attention to: the author, or the average person, watching videos on a social network and interacting with its other participants.

  • displayed content. Recommendations are primarily generated based on the user’s location, since the user simply will not understand clips in Korean or many other languages when he is, for example, in Russia and speaks Russian. The application immediately after registration understands which language is preferable for you, taking into account at least the system settings, and displays the corresponding content. Changing the language of your preferred videos is much easier than changing the country completely, which will be described in the following instructions.
  • Getting into recommendations This factor of changing the country is only useful for authors who want to get into the recommendations of a particular region. There are several purposes for which this is done. First of all, it is a benefit since there is a chance to get a lot of views on unusual content that is specific to a particular country. Sometimes a user shoots videos in English or another language and does not want to see a Russian-speaking audience among subscribers, thereby forming the target audience he needs to promote his brand or buy advertising. In this case, a new account is created with an attempt to change the geolocation.

Now that everything is clear with the goals of changing the region in TikTok, go to one of the following sections of the article, finding instructions specifically for your topic. You can use both a mobile device and a computer to complete the task, but in the second case, there are certain limitations.

Option 1: A mobile application

The current number of user settings on the TikTok mobile app far outstrips those found on its web version. Additionally, the user gets the opportunity to conveniently switch between accounts and an easier IP-address substitution, which will be required when creating a new account linked to another country. Let’s deal with all types of changing regional settings in turn.

Preferred Content

The mobile app has an account setting that allows you to change the language of your preferred content. That is, you do not have to create a new profile or turn on the VPN so that the recommendations come across videos in a particular language or even several. To do this, just open the corresponding parameter and configure it the way you need it.

  • On the bottom panel, click “Me” to go to the account page.
  •  Call up the menu by tapping on the icon with three vertical dots.
  •  In the “Content and actions” block, select “Preferred content.”
  •  Go to Video Languages. As you can see in the next screenshot, currently only the mentioned option is available in the preferred content menu. However, in the future, developers may add other settings, for example, on the subject of clips.
  •  By default, the list of desired languages is empty, so you should tap on the inscription “Add language”.
  •  Scroll down the list and select the appropriate region for you with your language.
  •  Now, in the previous menu, a list will begin to form, which you can replenish or remove languages from at any convenient time.

If after switching to the “Recommendations” tab, the language of the video has not changed, try scrolling through several TikToks or restarting the application.

Application Language

Sometimes, by changing the country, the user means changing the language of the application to a more convenient one for themselves. It is believed that this also affects the display of content in recommendations, but it does not always work.

  • To find the required setting, go to the account menu as shown in the previous instructions, but this time select the “Application Language” section.
  • Find the required one in the list, mark it with a checkmark, and click “Finish” to apply the change.
  • The application will restart, after which you will see that the language has changed to the selected one.

Change of country during registration

Finally, let’s look at the instructions that are useful for authors who want to specify another country when registering a new profile in order to publish videos to a different audience. In this case, everything is not so obvious and simple since you will have to use a VPN and rely on the fact that the application will fix a false location, assigning you completely different regional settings.

To do this, download, install, and configure any convenient application that provides a VPN connection. You will find a guide on this topic for Android in another article on our website by clicking on the following link.

  •  Setting up a VPN connection on Android devices
  •  After launching the selected application, select the desired country and connect.
  •  If you are now authorized on another account, you can connect to a new one by going to the “Me” section and opening the profile settings.
  •  From the list, select the Change account option.
  •  Click the “Add Account” button.
  •  Use “Register” to create a new account. It is advisable to either use a new email address or log in through a Google profile, which initially contains the regional settings required for you.

Option 2: The Web version

Users of the web version who open it on their computer or laptop cannot change their preferred content type directly in the settings. Initially, only the function of changing the interface language is available, and to register a profile or try to display a video from another country, you need to enable VPN, which is also described below.

Language of the web version

When using the web version of TikTok for the first time, English is usually selected, and if the default setting does not suit you, you will have to change it yourself. You can choose absolutely any available language, which is done as follows:

  • Click the user icon to open the menu.
  •  In the list, find the button with the image of the symbol A. If the initial language of the site is English, opposite the image there will be an inscription “Language”.
  •  When you click on the button, a list of available languages appears on the screen, among which you have to choose the appropriate one.
  •  The page will reload and the changes will take effect.

Using a VPN

Using a VPN is the only option to somehow influence the location on the web version of TikTok. You can try to activate a fake IP address to change your preferred content to videos from another country, or after that, register so that the system automatically assigns the current region to you. To set up the connection, read the instructions from the article at the following link.

We recommend paying special attention to the Tor browser, which is discussed in the article above. It uses a special IP address spoofing algorithm, which in most cases leads to successful loading of the TikTok website with content for the selected country. The only difficulty is the correct configuration of the web browser. Upon completion, you can create a new account or view videos from the selected region.

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