Fixing ms-gamingoverlay error on Windows 10

Published: September 8, 2022

Last Modified: March 26, 2023

Fixing ms-gamingoverlay error on Windows 10

Method 1: Turn off the XBOX DVR.

Xbox DVR mode is a built-in feature of the system that allows you to record what is happening on the screen during games. It requires a lot of computer resources, so it can sometimes cause performance hangs or ms-gamingoverlay errors in Windows 10. First of all, check if the burner is active and disable it if necessary:

  1.  Go to System Settings by left-clicking on the Windows icon and selecting the gear icon.
  2. Open the “Games” section in a new window.
  3. On the “Recording” tab , turn off the function “Record in the background while the game is in progress“by turning the toggle switch to an inactive state.

This completes the XBOX DVR shutdown. Sometimes the function deactivation toggle switch is located on the tab “DVR for the game” or “Game menu” , if there are such sections in the “Games” section window .

Method 2: Restore Microsoft Store elements

Restoring the components of the virtual store will help get rid of some errors. Moreover, you can return them to a working state using the standard system tool as well as using the section with the Microsoft Store settings.

Option 1: “Windows PowerShell”

If the built-in Microsoft Store app doesn’t work properly, you might see an error related to Game Mode. The regular Windows tool will allow you to restore the integrity of the store components by re-registering the basic applications. To do this, you can use “Windows PowerShell” :

  1. Through the system search, find the application, then run it with administrator rights by selecting the appropriate item.
  2.  Enter the command Get-AppXPackage | Foreach Add-AppxPackage-DisableDevelopmentMode-Register «$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml» and press the Enter key to re-register the Microsoft Store application.

After that, it remains to wait until the application completes the re-registration procedure and reboots the system.

Option 2: Windows Store Settings

Through the Settings application , built into Windows 10, you can go to the system window to restore and reset settings:

Launch “Settings” by clicking on the Windows icon on the bottom panel.

  1. Open the “Applications” section .
  2. In the list of installed software that opens, find the Microsoft Store and click on its name with the left mouse button. As a result of this, various functions will appear, among which you need “Advanced 
  3. Scroll to the Reset block . To correct an error, click on the button of the same name.
  4. If the recovery did not help, return to the same window and reset its settings. In this case, all application data will be completely destroyed.

Method 3: Consistent troubleshooter

If none of the methods helped, try using the built-in tool that allows you to analyze system components for problems and fix them.

  •  Launch “Settings” in any way convenient for you. Select the “Update and security” section .
  •  In the new window, on the tab “Troubleshooting”, click on the line “Additional troubleshooters” .
  • Find the line “Apps from the Windows Store” and click on it with the left mouse button. Click on the button that appears to run the troubleshooter.

A new window will display the process of diagnosing the components of the system and the branded “Store.” The troubleshooting wizard will suggest solutions if problems are found. In some cases, everything will be fixed automatically.

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