Troubleshoot no sound issues in Zoom on your phone

Published: September 8, 2022

Last Modified: February 26, 2023

Troubleshoot no sound issues in Zoom on your phone

Option 1: A faulty speaker

The lack of incoming audio in Zoom on the phone is most often due to the insufficient volume of the speaker, which can be easily fixed by holding down the corresponding side button. Also, the necessary elements are presented within the control panel, which is relevant for any mobile device.

In addition to the low volume level, in rare cases, the cause may be a malfunction on the server side of the messenger, in the operation of the application itself or in the smartphone. Be that as it may, we have already considered all the options as part of another instruction on the site at the specified link.

Additionally, be sure to try disconnecting or vice versa, connecting external headphones. If the problems are related to the device, plugging in headphones can be a temporary solution and confirmation that the device needs to be repaired.

Option 2: Microphone problems

As a rule, if the interlocutors constantly complain about the lack of sound on your part, this is due to a malfunctioning or completely faulty microphone. First you need to open the application settings in the system “Settings” and enable the microphone using the appropriate slider.

If there are no positive results after the specified action, it is imperative to try to perform a complete reinstallation of the application. This is especially true if the microphone stopped working after the next program update or due to any system failures.

You should also not ignore the possibility of a device breakdown, which can be easily checked using standard applications like Voice Recorder . If the sound is not recorded even in this way, you will have to contact the service center, while the previously mentioned use of an external headset may be a temporary solution.

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