Finally started MDMS, no more illegal mobile in Nepal

Finally started MDMS, no more illegal mobile in Nepal

    Kathmandu, Finally, the Nepal Telecommunication Authority has implemented a Mobile Device Management System (MDMS). This system, which was said to be implemented for a long time, was put into operation by the regulator on Thursday.

Along with this, the illegal import, sale, distribution, and use of mobile sets will be discouraged and made more systematic, and stolen and lost mobile sets will be tracked and blocked to prevent such mobiles from operating within Nepal. However, till August 30th, 2079, all the mobile sets, including the mobile sets that are brought in individually from abroad, have been arranged to be automatically registered in the MDMS system.


But after August 30, 2079, when purchasing a mobile phone, it has been requested to make sure that the mobile set is registered in the Nepal Telecommunication Authority’s MDMS system ( or not. Also, mobile importers and sellers have been informed to get the approval of the authority before importing mobiles and only sell and distribute mobiles that are registered with the authority.

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