Delete TikTok from different devices ?

Delete TikTok from different devices ?

Option 1: Use a mobile device

Removing the official client of the social network in question from a mobile device is done by the standard means of the operating system, be it Android or iOS. In this case, the exact procedure may vary significantly on different devices depending on the model and version of the shell.

Remove apps from your phone


  • If you’re using an iPhone, the easiest method to uninstall any program is to use the application menu on the home screen. To complete the task, hold down any area of the desktop for a few seconds and tap the “-” icon in the corner of the desired client.
  • In the pop-up menu, use the option “Delete application.” Confirm the task through an additional window and wait for completion. No notifications will be displayed after the shortcut’s removal-the shortcut will simply disappear from the desktop and from the list of installed applications.

If you wish, you can also use the “iPhone Storage” section in the system “Settings”, where it will be enough to select “TikTok”, click “Delete application” and confirm the deletion. Moreover, only from this category is the “Download application” function available, which allows you to erase the program without harming personal data.


On devices running Android, the procedure for deleting TikTok is almost the same as on the iPhone and can be performed using various methods, both by dragging the shortcut to a special area of the screen and through the system settings. We will focus on the universal option using the application store, while other methods can be found in a separate instruction at the link indicated earlier.

  •  Follow the link above or use any other method to open the official page of the application, then click the “Delete” button. This procedure must be confirmed by clicking “Delete” in the pop-up window.
  •  Removal is performed in a fully automatic mode, without requiring any action. Upon completion, the Install button will appear on the screen, and the program itself with all the data will disappear from the smartphone.

If you are using a device without Google services, which is common on Honor and Huawei devices, you can follow the same steps through the store app from which you downloaded the social networking client. In this case, if you install from an APK file, you will have to use the system settings.

Option 2: Use a computer

On a Windows computer, you can uninstall the official TikTok application, which is technically a copy of the official website, using standard OS tools. We will remove this software using the example of Windows 10, but the steps are nearly identical in any other system.

  •  Open the “Start” menu by clicking on the operating system icon on the taskbar and finding the “TikTok” application. In the case of a dozen, you can also find the program on the application panel on the right side.
  •  Right-click on the indicated icon and use the option “Delete”. After that, in a similar pop-up window, be sure to confirm the deletion and wait for the procedure to complete.

Unlike the uninstallation of the vast majority of applications in the Windows system, the software in question is removed in a fully automatic mode without displaying additional windows. You can tell that the task has been successfully completed by the disappearance of the TikTok icon in the Start menu and the appearance of the Install button on the social network page in the Microsoft Store.

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