These are 9 attractive features to be added to Google search

These are 9 attractive features to be added to Google search

Search engine Google has announced the addition of nine attractive features. Google users will have a pleasant experience after the release of the new feature. According to this, shopping from Google will be great. Users will be able to get various types of information, from shopping locations to the latest trends in shopping. However, these features will be available in the US first.

1. look for word shapes

With the help of Google’s Word Shop feature, the products you want to shop for will be displayed in the product feed. In addition, information on nearby inventory can also be found. Electronic, beauty, and mobile products can be purchased with the help of this Google feature.

2. Sir, the look

This feature will give effective results to the user. This means if you search for a bomber jacket, this tool will show images of a bomber jacket. In addition, it will be possible to know which location you can go to and buy a complimentary piece.

3. Fashionable shopping

This search feature will show a list of popular content. from which the user can get information about the latest models, styles, and brands.

4. Shopping in 3D

3D view support for machine learning is coming from Google, with the help of which the goods can be rotated and viewed in 360 degrees.

5. Shopping Advice

Insight will be provided to users with the help of this, which will help users in shopping. In this, several types of categories will be available to the user. from which the user’s shopping will be easy.

6. Purchase link

With the help of this feature of Google, which will include the subject of what are the weaknesses and what are the good aspects of the product. In addition, the rating of the goods can also be seen. The Google Page Insights feature will be released in the US next month.

7. individual outcome

The user will get a personal result soon. In this, users can create their shopping list. from which personalized results can be easily controlled.

8. A brand-new shopping filter

A new filter will be available for shopping. From which real-time search trends can be known. This means that if you are shopping for something, you will be getting the popular trends of wide legs and bootcuts.

9. a search box

You can shop based on style using Discover on the Google app.

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