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“Welcome to Madan KC‘s blog, where you can find daily updates on a variety of topics related to technology and the internet. From Windows and Android to Wi-Fi routers and more, Madan shares his knowledge and experience as an internet service provider to help you learn and stay up-to-date on the latest technology trends. Visit Madankc.com.np today to start learning and exploring the world of technology.”

I work for an internet service provider. I will post a blog about what I learn in my daily life. I shared the blog because you can find the best quality posts there and learn easily.

The purpose of the blog is primarily to help people get the necessary information for free. For cooperation and advertising in the blog, please contact us through the Contact us.

Please write immediately the price you can offer for advertising. Because of the big employment I can not answer everyone, who really needs it and I did not answer – write again, I will answer, please treat this with understanding.

Thank you. Keep supporting me.