How Screen Distance works on iPhone with iOS 17

Published: September 23, 2023

Last Modified: March 19, 2024

One of the new health features on iPhone and iPad with iOS 17 is designed to preserve users’ vision and reduce the risk of myopia in children. In this article we will tell you how the “Screen distance” function works.

Apple writes that it is best to keep the device at least 30cm away from your eyes. However, many have developed the habit of bringing the smartphone closer to their face.

iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 introduce a new Screen Distance feature that helps you develop the habit of keeping your device far enough away from your face. This significantly reduces eye strain and the risk of developing vision problems in children and adults.

Here’s how the feature works, according to Apple:

Screen Distance measures the distance between the screen and your eyes. The camera does not take pictures or record video, and all data collected remains on the device and is not transferred to Apple .

How to Use Screen Distance in iOS 17

  1. On an iPhone or iPad with Face ID and iOS 17, open the Settings app .
  2. Select the Screen Time section and then  Screen Distance .
  3. Click Continue , then click  Enable Screen Distance .

Once the function is enabled, it will start working immediately. If you bring your iPhone too close to your face, a notification will appear on the screen. When you move your smartphone away, you can tap Continue to close the notification.

The notification appears if you hold the smartphone too close to your eyes for about five minutes.

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