Wifi Password Change in netis Wifi Router

Published: February 16, 2022

Last Modified: April 7, 2023

Wifi Password Change in netis Wifi Router

It happens that neighbors or, even worse, completely strangers, find out the password for your WiFi network. If so, then there are three downsides to this situation, and I’ll talk a little about each of them.

  • The first point is that your Internet speed may drop because the data channel is not rubberized and there is a physical limitation on the total Internet bandwidth from the provider. Imagine what will happen if a hypothetical “neighbor” starts downloading HD movies via Torrent on his PC, or even worse, their distribution 24/7. In this case, even the pages of ordinary sites on your PC will open slowly and with long delays, but about watching YouTube videos in good quality, for example, in HD 720p and higher, in general, and there can be no question-everything will slow down and you will only wait for the video to load while watching the “watch”.
  • The second point is that the security of your home computers and devices suffers since the hypothetical “neighbor” receives an IP address on his device, which is considered internal to your home network, and he can easily connect to your PCs or scan them for open ports, etc.
  • The third point—if a hypothetical “neighbor” decides to commit some illegal actions, then most likely he will leave “fingerprints” on the network when committing his crimes. Such “fingerprints” are the IP address of your router (the external IP address received from the provider), and therefore, the suspicion for these actions will primarily fall on you as the owner of the Internet connection.

I recommend that you always set strong and complex passwords for your WiFi network to protect your wireless network so that no one but you and your household can connect to it. You need to do this immediately after installing and initially configuring the router, as soon as you have purchased it and installed it in operation. Sometimes, this password needs to be changed. How to do this on a Netis router will be described below. The router model may differ from mine, for example, Netis WF2411R, but the procedure for changing the WiFi password is almost the same. So, let’s begin.

To get started, you need to do the following:

  • Make sure that the router is connected to the network and power is supplied to it.
  • Connect the Ethernet cable of your provider to the WAN port of the router (usually this port is highlighted in a different color);
  • Connect your computer with an Ethernet cable to a free LAN port on the router (there are usually four on the router).
Now we go to the settings of the Netis router. To do this, open any browser (usually Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc.), and enter the address of our router in the address bar: http://netis.cc , or . If your password for accessing the settings is set on your router, and not the one that was “default” registered at the factory, then you will need to specify it. If you do not remember the password to enter the settings, then most likely you have it “by default” and it is indicated on the sticker on the bottom of the router case. Usually this is: login – netis , password – password .

Open Chrome Browser

  • username : admin
  • password :admin 
  • Directly Password change page open 
  • You can see your old password
  • change old password to New 
  • password Change Sucessful


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