Want to learn ethical hacking with Python? 10 platforms

Published: July 24, 2022

Last Modified: February 25, 2023

Want to learn ethical hacking with Python? 10 platforms

Ethical hacking is also a type of cyber attack that finds the problem in the system and works to correct it. Ethical hacking activities are encouraged in many countries under the protection of the state.

There is a practice of ethical hacking in government and private offices to protect the office system. Ethical hacking has become very popular among the youth recently for various reasons. And the most commonly used programming language for ethical hacking is “Python”.

Python is used to perform a variety of tasks, from testing corporate servers to identifying potential challenges and automating hacking processes.

There are many videos, articles, and other materials for learning Python on the market. Here are the top 10 online platforms to learn Python. 

1. Udemy – A learning platform for Python and ethical hacking.

More than 170 videos related to Python programming and ethical hacking are available on Udemy.

Even for people who don’t know anything about hacking, you can find materials that can be read from the beginning. There is information on everything from what hacking is to how to use it.


2. StationX – An all-in-one hacking and cyber security learning platform

Station X has designed three courses at a time, which help to teach knowledge and skills until learning Python and working in the field of cyber security.

This platform has 36 hours of video lectures. Both theoretical and practical courses can be found on the platform, which teach you to understand theoretically and work practically.

Instead of various unnecessary materials, only the necessary materials are included in it. 

3. Python coin platform Cybrary Python

If you don’t know anything about coding and just want to know what Python is, then this platform can be helpful for you.

In the library, there are materials prepared focusing only on Python. Instructor Joe Perry has created an introductory Python course in general language, which helps learn Python in a specific way. 

4. Cybrary – A Python-based platform for learning ethical hacking.

In another course of the library, a course has been prepared containing information on how to use Python for ethical hacking.

It also teaches how to develop ethical hacking tools using Python.

This course is not very long as there are only a few limited videos. This course is very useful for those who already understand Python. 

5. Cyber ​​Training 365 (cyber training 365) – A platform to learn Python and Ethical Hacking

Only 8 hours of videos are available on this platform, in which one can learn about Python and ethical hacking.

It teaches the basics of Python, like coding using variables, statements, and dictionaries.

A tutorial course related to ethical hacking is also available.

6. Udemy: Python 3 for Offensive Pentests-Practical Course 

This is a different course available on Udemy itself, in which only practical courses are available. This is for advanced users only.

This course is designed for users who have some knowledge of Python and coding. There is a task to be done in there. 

7. Python network programmer on udemy

Only.net app and hacking tool related, but another Udemy Python Network course is also available.This is also a course designed for beginners who do not know anything about Python.

This course is very long. It teaches Python, coding, programming, etc. in detail, one by one. After learning this course, it is easy to upgrade to the Python 3 course. 

8. MindsMapped is a Python library for ethical hacking.

The course is presented on this platform by dividing it into two parts. The founder of the cybersecurity company Hackersploit is the instructor for this platform.

In the first part of this platform, information about Python is given, while in the second part, from understanding sockets to other advanced things, it is taught. 

9. Coursera – Python Specialization

In this course available on Coursera, the basic concepts of programming, data structure, network application program interface, database and other topics are taught using Python. 


10. Udacity – Python App Development

This platform teaches how to develop applications that are used by thousands of people. This platform is very useful for those who want to become a developer with information about App Engine and other topics. 

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