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How to turn on 4G on an Android smartphone ?

How to turn on 4G on an Android smartphone if it’s not there

If you are sure that you are in the coverage area of a 4G network, and your smartphone only connects to 3G, then the problem is probably in the gadget settings. You can turn on 4G on an Android smartphone by changing a single parameter. Your mobile internet will not become cheaper or more expensive, but it will be much faster.

  1. Open settings and click on “Mobile network”.
  1. Select the second item from the top, “Mobile data”.
  1. In the window that opens, find the item “Preferred network mode”. You are right there.
  1. Finally, in the list that opens, select Auto 4G/3G/2G.

Now you can exit the settings and use the mobile internet at maximum speed. When you leave, your smartphone will automatically switch to 3G and restore the connection to 4G as soon as possible; you do not need to change the settings again.

For the instruction, which was compiled for Android 10, we took screenshots on a Huawei smartphone. For previous versions of this mobile operating system on gadgets from other manufacturers, the sequence of actions may differ slightly. The Internet can even disappear on a smartphone if you do not monitor your balance. It is most convenient to control it and all connected services in the free My MTS application.

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