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Make an Auto Subscribe Link to a YouTube Channel

Make an Auto Subscribe Link to a YouTube Channel

Not everyone knows about this, but you can add the ability to automatically subscribe to a YouTube channel . An interesting functionality to reduce the time to recruit subscribers.

You need to do only 1 action – add a tail to the main link.

What it is ?

This is a subscribe link to your YouTube channel with an automatic “Subscribe” popup.

This life hack is used to attract more subscribers to your YouTube channel than now!

Once a user clicks on a link to your YouTube channel, they are prompted to subscribe or unsubscribe.

How to make a link?

Making such a link is not difficult, it will take 30 seconds of time.

STEP 1: Open your channel.

STEP 2: Copy the link to your channel in the address bar.

Auto Subscribe Link

STEP 3: Add “?sub_confirmation=1” to the link


Auto Subscribe Link


Step 4: The result will be like this

STEP 5: Check if it works by pressing Enter⏎. A window with the subscription application will appear .

Auto Subscribe Link


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