The best torrent clients for macOS

Published: September 15, 2022

Last Modified: February 23, 2023

The best torrent clients for macOS

Apple’s desktop operating system, despite its seeming closeness and increased security, still provides its users with the ability to work with torrent files. For these purposes in macOS, you will need a specialized program-a torrent client. We will talk about the best representatives of this segment today.


The most popular and most feature-rich program for working with torrent files is With its help, you can download any compatible content from the network and organize its distribution. Directly in the main window of Torrent, you can see all the necessary information: download and upload speed, the number of seeds and peers, their ratio, remaining time, volume, and much more, and the display of each of these and a number of other elements can be either hidden or, conversely, activated. 


Among all the torrent clients, this particular one is endowed with the most extensive and flexible settings—almost everything can be changed and adapted to your needs. However, for some users, this congestion may seem like a drawback. The presence of advertising in the main window can be safely attributed to the latter, although this is solved by purchasing a pro version. But the advantages should definitely include the ability to prioritize, a built-in multimedia player and task scheduler, the presence of an RSS downloader, and support for magnet links. 


MacOS Torrent Download


Be extremely careful when installing Torrent on your computer or laptop—third-party software often “arrives” with it, for example, a browser or antivirus of dubious quality and usefulness, and therefore carefully read the information provided in each of the Setup Wizard windows.


Torrent client from the author of the protocol of the same name, which is based on the source code of the Torrent discussed above. Actually, all the key features of BitTorrent, its advantages and disadvantages, follow from here. It has almost the same recognizable interface with an abundance of detailed statistics in the main window and a small block with ads, the presence of a paid Pro version, the same functionality and many useful settings, but not necessary for all users. 


Like the previous representative in our list, BitTorrent has a russified interface and is endowed with a simple but easy-to-use search system. The program can also create torrent files, prioritize, play downloadable content, work with magnet links, and RSS, and also solve a number of other tasks that arise when interacting with torrents and can significantly simplify this process. 
Install BitTorrent for Mac.


Minimalistic both in terms of interface and in terms of functionality, an application for downloading, distributing, and creating torrent files, which, in addition, does not provide almost any features. In its main window, you can see the speed of downloading and uploading data (this information is also displayed in the system dock), the number of peers, and the progress of receiving the file, which is displayed on a filling scale. 
Transmission is an excellent torrent client for those cases when you just need to download this or that file to your computer as quickly as possible (and easily), and any settings, customization, and detailed statistics are not of particular interest. Nonetheless, the program includes the bare minimum of additional functions. Support for magnet links and the DHT protocol, as well as prioritization and remote control via the web, are among them.


This torrent client represents another, far from the most original variation on the theme of Torrent and BitTorrent, from which it differs, first of all, in its more attractive interface. Another nice feature of the program is a well-thought-out search engine that works both locally (on a computer) and on the web, although it is not made as the most original alternative to a web browser integrated directly into the main workspace. 
The obvious advantages of Vuze, in addition to searching, include an improved multimedia player, which, unlike competitive solutions, allows you not only to play content, but also to control the process—switch between elements, pause, stop, delete from the list. Another important benefit is the Web Remote feature, which allows you to manage downloads and uploads remotely. 


The torrent client that is far from being the most famous, but still gaining popularity, completes our today’s selection. It is practically not inferior to the leaders of the BitTorrent and Torrent segments that we considered at the very beginning, but it has a more attractive graphical shell and tight integration with the operating system, specifically with browsers, Spotlight, and iTunes. 
Like its main competitors, Folx is available in paid and free versions, and for most users, the functionality of the latter will be enough. The program supports working with magnet links, displays detailed statistics on downloaded and distributed content, allows you to sort it by type automatically and manually, split downloads into streams (up to 20), and create your own schedule. Another clear advantage is the support for tags that can be assigned to downloads for easier search and navigation between elements received from the web.

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