How to turn off flash on iPhone

Published: April 26, 2022

Last Modified: March 2, 2023

How to turn off flash on iPhone

The flash in the Camera app is set to Auto or always on by default, but in some cases it can only ruin the picture. We will tell you how to turn off this “LED assistant” on the iPhone.

Disable Flash on iPhone

The question posed in the title of this article may imply two completely unrelated tasks. The first is more obvious – you need to disable the LED indicator in the Camera application. The second is its flickering during calls and notifications coming to the iPhone. Let’s look at both solutions next.

Option 1: Camera app

If you want to take a photo without a flash, follow the steps below.
  • After launching the Camera apps , tap the lightning bolt icon located in the upper left corner of the interface.If the flash is on (the “On” label is in the center of the top line), select one of the two preferred flash options:Auto ;
  • Off _The first implies the automatic operation of the LED indicator, that is, it will turn on only when the algorithm built into the software deems it necessary (cloudy weather, weak, insufficient lighting or complete darkness). Selecting the second option means that the flash will not work until you activate it yourself.
  • It’s so simple, literally in two touches to the iPhone screen, you turned off the LED indicator in the standard Camera application, which means you can take a photo without using it.
  • If you need to perform a similar task in a third-party application (a graphic editor with a built-in camera, a social network client, a banking application, a barcode scanner, etc.), the algorithm of actions will not be much different – find the icon with a lightning bolt or a flashlight in the interface and deactivate it.

Option 2: Flash indication when calling

  • In the iOS accessibility settings, you can make the LED indicator built into the camera module work on an incoming call, incoming messages and notifications. This feature is primarily needed for people with hearing problems and those who often switch their iPhone to silent mode, but do not want to ignore important events. A function so useful in some cases can still annoy both the owner of an Apple mobile device and those around him, and therefore it should be disabled. We previously wrote about how to do this in a separate article on our website, the link to which is provided below.
Now you know how to turn off the flash on your iPhone, whether it’s in the Camera app or accessibility settings.