9 Best Offline Maps for Android

Published: April 27, 2022

Last Modified: March 2, 2023

9 Best Offline Maps for Android


With this application, the source of map information is the OpenStreetMap project, which exists and is filled with data thanks to the help of thousands of volunteers from all over the world. The usefulness of the application may depend on the place of its use, since in some regions OsmAnd knows the location of literally every object, up to shops and monuments, while in others it is difficult to display only the main streets.

The free version allows you to download maps for seven different countries or regions, which is enough in most cases. Some additional features are implemented in OsmAnd using plugins, which also need to be downloaded separately. These are, for example, sea and ski maps, a plug-in for indicating a parking place with a reminder. In the paid version for 249 rubles per month or 799 rubles per year, information on the terrain and a wiki guide are still available.

Overall, OsmAnd is a powerful application with a wide range of options, but with a somewhat confusing and outdated visual interface.

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2. MapFactor Navigator

This application works with two versions of data – freely distributed OpenStreetMap and paid maps (from 1,199 rubles one-time) from TomTom. But even the free version has a lot of useful features. From the OSM database, you can download an unlimited number of territories to your smartphone’s memory. GPS navigation is available with route planning and voice assistance in different languages.

On the map, you can search for interesting places and make a list of them. There is a separate paid module for displaying traffic jams for 249 rubles per month. Navigation routes work for cars, trucks, cyclists and pedestrians. There is a separate color scheme for the map for night driving.

MapFactor Navigator offers a lot of customization and extensibility, but it’s not always easy to get to grips with because of the outdated interface.

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3. City Maps 2Go

Free City Maps 2Go allows you to download only one detailed section of the region for offline use. But all features, such as search by address, review, and GPS location, can work without Internet access.

Map data is also taken from the OpenStreetMap project. City Maps 2Go allows you to search for addresses, places of interest offline, but does not have a navigation function. The developers position it as a city guide app. That is why integration with ” Wikipedia ” is available here so that you can get additional information about places of interest to you.

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4. Maps.me

Maps.me is able to lay out car, bicycle and pedestrian routes, has a fairly high level of detail on maps and a good speed. Using the application, you can plan your journey on the subway, but there is no other public transport in Maps.me.

The program provides a search for organizations by category, as well as a brief reference from Wikipedia for some important objects. In addition to the standard map, there is data on the height of the relief. The application is completely free and does not contain restrictions on the number of downloaded maps – you can download at least the whole world if the smartphone’s storage capacity allows it.

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5. “2GIS”

One of the most popular services in Russia with offline city maps and a detailed guide to organizations. There is a GPS navigator for car and pedestrian, as well as information on public transport. There are a lot of object marks on the map, there is data on the situation on the roads and floor plans of large shopping centers online.

This is a fairly powerful tool with which you can get directions, find companies of interest or important tourist places without access to the Web. A noticeable drawback of 2GIS is that maps and information are available only for cities in Russia, parts of the CIS countries and the United Arab Emirates.

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6. Google Maps

You can talk about the main mapping application for Android for a very long time, as it has a huge number of different functions . However, in this review, we are more interested in the possibility of using Google Maps offline. It allows you to download sections of maps, supports navigation and search for objects without an Internet connection. Google Maps can be safely used abroad when roaming or in places where a network connection is not available.

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7. Yandex.Maps

Another popular service in Russia with a lot of information, offline maps and a navigator. Unfortunately, in offline mode, the application only provides routes for the car.

Without access to the Web, it will also be possible to search for important places and addresses of organizations. There is a directory with contacts, working hours, rating, list of services and prices. You can upload maps of shopping centers, airports and train stations online. Traffic data, voice search, timetables and public transport tracking only work with an internet connection, of course.

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8. HERE We Go

Nokia used to make great phones, and its mapping app is a throwback to those good times. It is quite functional and completely free. Using HERE WeGo is quite convenient. The application can create routes for pedestrians, motorists and public transport passengers. But in offline mode, navigation only works for drivers.

Interesting objects and places can be saved to personal collections. For cafes and shops there is a brief reference with a schedule of work. Traffic tracking works online.

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9 Mapy.cz

This application is suitable for lovers of outdoor activities and tourism. It will help you plan your trips in detail, even offline. Mapy.cz can generate walking, cycling and skiing routes in the area with a given length. The program uses OpenStreetMap data, so there are no restrictions on downloading maps of different territories.

Voice guidance is provided for navigation. In the “My Maps” section, you can save interesting routes and places. They are easy to share with friends through social networks and instant messengers. In addition, there is a Tracker function that activates movement recording and automatically determines whether you are walking or driving in a car.

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