How to get free website traffic the easy way ?

How to get free website traffic the easy way ?

The amount of traffic on the site affects not only sales and advertising revenue, but also positions in search engines. The more visitors, the better the behavioral factors, and therefore, search engines rank such sites above others.

Traffic can be received for free or for money. But it is worth remembering not only the quantity but also the quality of traffic. You need to attract interested users from resources on similar subjects. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting a large number of bounces, and this will negatively affect the position in the search.

This article provides examples of services where you can get free traffic to your site. And it will be of high quality and useful for promotion and sales.

Where can I get free traffic?

You need to understand that absolutely nothing is free. If the method is free, then you still need to spend time on it. It is worth asking yourself the question: is it possible to earn more during this time than you have saved?

Free traffic can be obtained from almost any social network, as well as forums, blogs, video hosting sites, question-and-answer sites, and, in general, any resource with users.All of them are your potential clients.

Social networks

Everything is quite simple here. Create your own groups or post links to others.

  • own groups. Create a group dedicated to the subject of the site or company. And in it, you regularly publish publications, talk about your products, hold sweepstakes and promotions. Everything should work to attract attention and, as a result, the transition to the desired site;
  • Publics from other planets Agree on advertising with the admin of the Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki or Facebook groups. You can pay for a product, service, or make mutual advertising for the group on your website. The main thing is to choose a group that is very close to the topic of the site. For example, if you have building materials, then you can advertise in construction groups.


If you find an active forum on the desired topic and actively participate in discussions, you can unobtrusively post a link to the site in the topic.

The main thing in this business is to avoid active spam, which will only hurt. Everything should be as natural as possible and in the context of conversations. This approach gives noticeable results.


Video content is very well received by search engines, especially Google. If you start a YouTube channel and publish useful and interesting videos there, you can get a large influx of targeted traffic to the site.

Of course, promoting a YouTube channel takes a lot of time. You need to shoot high-quality videos and attract subscribers, but the result in the end will be colossal.

Links to the site can be left in the channel description and under each video, in any quantity.


Creating a blog, for example, in Yandex Zen can bring thousands of new visitors. It is only important to understand that this platform is a recommendation format and it has very strict rules for the names of publications and their content. You cannot make calls, deceive, or lie about your product’s superiority.

A link to the site can be left in the context and only after attaching the site to the channel. And the site itself can only be attached after passing the threshold of 10,000 minutes of reading per week.

Zen’s technical support works quickly and answers any stupid questions that new authors may have.

Free SEO Techniques

You can also get free traffic using the site itself. To do this, you need to optimize it for low-frequency queries. That is, those that are not requested too often in the search. The competition for them is much less; therefore, the chance of climbing to the top is higher.

This is especially true for new young sites, to strengthen the trust of search robots. And as you know, search traffic is the highest quality.


To get free traffic to the site, it is better to use all possible methods at once: social networks, blogs, forums, YouTube, etc. The main thing is to observe the theme of the source and the site. so that only interested users go to the site.

And targeted traffic will improve the position of the site in search results, as people will not leave the site immediately, thus improving behavioral factors.

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