How to find your Gmail email password

How to find your Gmail email password

Having a Gmail account gives you access not only to email but also to all other Google services. The name of the box (address) is also a login, and the password is invented by everyone on their own. Sometimes this code combination can be forgotten or lost, and today we will tell you how to find it.

Find out your Gmail password

Using mail is possible both on a computer and on a smartphone or tablet with iOS and Android. With the help of any of these devices, you can get the information that interests us in the framework of this article, but this will be done in different ways. Let’s consider each of the possible cases separately.

Option 1: Use a PC browser.

Today, almost every web browser has its own password manager. With its proper configuration, you can not only simplify authorization on sites on the Internet but also restore the data used during this procedure if it is lost or forgotten.

By referring to the browser toolkit indicated above, you can literally find out the password from your Gmail email in just a few clicks, of course, if it was previously saved. There is also an alternative option of viewing the element code, but it will only work if the autocomplete function was previously activated. To find out what you need to do to get a code combination, read the article presented at the link below, written on the example of Google Chrome, which will help.

Note: In order to view the passwords saved in the browser, you will need to enter the password or pin code from the Windows account.

If you prefer a similar product from other developers to a browser from Google, to solve our today’s task, you will need to find in its menu or settings a section containing one of the following designations in its name: passwords, logins, privacy, or protection. For understanding, we will show how they look in the most popular programs in this segment.

Standing out against this background is only the standard for all versions of Windows (with the exception of the latest “dozens” today) Internet Explorer—the passwords stored in it are not in the program itself, but in a separate section of the operating system. We also wrote about how to view them earlier.

Where are Internet Explorer passwords stored?

Thus, regardless of the browser used, you will be able to find out your Gmail password, but only if permission was previously given to save it. If this has not been done, the only solution is to reset and restore this combination, which we will discuss in the last part of the article.

Option 2: Android 

If you prefer to use Gmail from your Android smartphone, you can find out the password for it in almost the same way as on a browser on a computer. Next, let’s look at how this is done, using the example of Google Chrome. While in most applications similar to it, you will need to adhere to almost the same algorithm (the order of the items in a particular menu section may differ).

Note: You can only view passwords saved in the mobile web browser if the screen lock is enabled on your smartphone (e.g., PIN, pattern, password, or scanner verification is set).

    1. Launch the browser, open its menu (usually a button made in the form of three dots), and tap on the item “Settings.”
    2. Go to the “Passwords” section.
    3. Find an entry in the list that has “Google” or “Gmail” in its name and tap it.

In order to see the data saved in the web browser, you will need to enter the password that is set on the lock screen.

Option 3: iOS

Apple’s mobile operating system, which powers the iPhone and iPad, is known for being closed and highly secure. At the same time, it has its own password manager, which greatly facilitates access not only to sites but also to applications that require authorization. All this data, subject to the provision of appropriate permissions, is stored in iCloud, but you can view it in the settings of your mobile device. The password from Gmail will also be indicated there, if it was previously saved. 

In addition, as in the case of an Android smartphone, similar data can be found in the browser (the exception is the pre-installed Safari, the menu of which is placed in the system “Settings”). We previously wrote about how to view saved passwords on the iPhone, and after reading this article, you will be able to solve our task today without any problems.

What to do if you can’t find your Gmail password

None of the methods discussed above will help you find your email password if it has not been saved before or if the data has also been lost. There is only one solution in this case-resetting the code combination used to enter Gmail and then changing it. There are also more critical situations when the login is lost or forgotten, which means that you will need to go through the Google account recovery procedure. Both the first and the second problem, or rather, all possible options for their elimination, were previously considered by our authors in separate articles, links to which are given below.

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