What to do if Xiaomi smartphone does not turn on

Published: June 3, 2022

Last Modified: February 22, 2023

What to do if Xiaomi smartphone does not turn on

Reason 1: Battery issues

If the Xiaomi smartphone is discharged and has not been connected to the mains for a long time, a special controller is activated. It prevents the battery from using the power line to avoid damage. To start the phone, connect it to a stronger power supply or leave it to charge for a long time (up to 6 hours) to bring it out of deep discharge.

Xiaomi/Redmi turns on a few minutes after charging is connected. If this does not happen,
  • Try connecting the device to a different adapter using a new cord;
  • Make sure that the cable is fully inserted into the charging socket (sometimes the case prevents this);
  • If you are using an extension cord, check if there is current in the outlet.
  • forcibly charge the battery from a 5V power supply limited to 300-350 milliamps.

Most Xiaomi smartphones are equipped with non-removable batteries, which means that you need to remove the back cover after reading the detailed instructions, but it is best not to do it yourself.

Failure to respond to the main connection indicates a battery failure or a broken charging socket.

Reason 2: Software failure.

If the operating system freezes (the screen does not respond to touch), restart the smartphone. Hold down the power button for up to 10 seconds (sometimes, depending on the model, simultaneous pressing with the volume button is required) and select the menu item “Reboot” or “Reboot”.

 If you suspect that the problem is related to system files, installing updates or applications, then reflash the OS or roll it back to a restore point:
  • Download the previous version of MIUI with the bootloader unlocked;
  • activate Soft Recovery mode and download new software
  • Roll back the OS in developer mode.

Reason 3: The power button does not work.

The serviceability of the power button is assessed by the elasticity of pressing, the absence of dents, and pressing with a slight click. If it does not work, contact the service center. It is not recommended to disassemble the mobile device yourself in order to avoid more damage.

Alternatively, try to turn on the smartphone using the provided technologies (these options are displayed in “Settings”):

    • fingerprint unlock;
    • Face recognition; Bluetooth unlocking; dual touch screen
    • awakening when picked up.

Please note that it is better to check the serviceability of the button with the cover removed. Non-original silicone products prevent protruding objects on the case from functioning properly.

Reason 4: Physical failure or mechanical impact

The mobile device may turn off and not respond to any actions due to shock or falling from a height onto a hard surface (ceramic tiles, asphalt, or stone surfaces are especially dangerous for phones).

Reason 5: Water contact

The current models of Xiaomi smartphones tolerate contact with liquids relatively well (obviously, within reasonable limits). If you spill water on your mobile device, turn it off (disconnect and remove the battery if it is removable; if it is a monolith with a back cover, carefully disconnect the cables). Let the device dry well, but better yet, without turning it on, contact the service center.

Do not use a hair dryer under any circumstances; it will increase the moisture even further.

Most often, they resort to the help of rice as a powerful adsorbent. However, either grains or the smallest dust can get into the connectors, which will further affect the performance of the smartphone. Rice is able to draw out moisture close to the outlet of the connectors for 2-3 days. Unfortunately, moisture will remain on the chip, which will lead to corrosion and complete deactivation.

General recommendations

To extend the life of your smartphone,

  • obtain software and the most recent firmware from reputable sources;
  • Handle your mobile device carefully and carefully.
  • Install a safety glass and buy a bumper case;
  • Avoid exposing the phone to water or other liquids.
  • Keep an eye on the battery level and do not allow deep discharge.

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