3 Reasons to Use the Brave Browser

Published: June 7, 2022

Last Modified: April 3, 2023

3 Reasons to Use the Brave Browser

Without a doubt, those from Mountain View, California (United States), have enjoyed the reign of having their Google Chrome browser in the first place as the most used by Internet users for many years. With Microsoft launching a browser and a “stagnant” Firefox, there are other alternatives that attract attention.

Brave Browser is a browser that has some striking features that make it interesting and competitive. It is built on the Chromium platform (a Google open source project that Google Chrome was developed on and also Microsoft Edge).

Unlike other business models, Brave has an innovative model where users enable banner ads on certain sites and thus earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) to view paid content.


But in addition, there are three more features in which Brave Browser draws a lot of attention: security & privacy, speed, and customization.

Security & Privacy

This browser has a tool to intelligently protect against Internet tracking, built-in ad blockers, HTTPS redirection, script removal, and blocking of scripts and cookies so that everything loads faster. Also, by default, the browser uses HTTPS everywhere to force sites to use secure connections.


Another point that stands out is that Brave weighs 1.24 MB, being very light, so it has a better loading speed than many of its competitors. As we saw before, it does not allow ads and trackers, so according to the same site, it claims that it is up to 8 times faster.


“The Lion” does not want to be left behind in this aspect, and that is why it has incorporated an interesting dark mode. As for the search engines, although DuckDuckGo comes by default, it has several options for you to choose the one you prefer. It also comes with random abstract images or wonderful landscapes as wallpaper, depending on the time.

Although it is true that this browser is new and wants to compete with Google’s hegemony, it is clear that the creators of Brave want to keep a piece of the cake, or why not, the whole cake, offering very interesting incentives.

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