How to Schedule Windows to Empty Recycle Bin Automatically

ūüďĀHow to Schedule Windows to Empty the Recycle Bin Automatically
Step 1: First of all, open the Task Scheduler on your Windows PC. You can do that by searching for it in the start menu or using the run command ‚Äútaskschd.msc‚ÄĚ in the Run windows.
Step 2: After the Task Scheduler opens up on your computer, click on the option ‚ÄúCreate Basic Task‚ÄĚ located under the Action category in the right panel.
Step 3: You will now see the task creation wizard where you need to enter the name, click on the Next button, and then set up the time interval for your action or task.
Step 4: After that, click on the Next button again and set up some other options until you reach the screen where you will be asked to set the action.
Step 5: Click on the Next button, and on the next screen, type in ‚Äúcmd.exe‚ÄĚ in the Program/Script field. Next, paste the below command into the ‚ÄúAdd Arguments‚ÄĚ field.
/c ‚Äúecho Y|PowerShell.exe-NoProfile-Command Clear-RecycleBin‚ÄĚ
Step 6: Now you need to review all of the settings. Then, finally, click on the ‚ÄúFinish‚ÄĚ button.
Step 7: To check the scheduled task, select the task from the main window of Task Scheduler and then click on ‚ÄúRun‚ÄĚ. It should empty the recycle bin automatically.
That’s it! You are done. This is how you can schedule Windows to empty the recycle bin automatically.
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