How to find duplicates in Excel ?

How to find duplicates in Excel ?
Let’s say that we have a long list of something and we assume that some elements of this list are repeated more than 1 time. I would like to see these repetitions explicitly, i.e. highlight duplicates with color. There are several ways to do this in Excel.

Find Duplicate in Excel

Select all the cells with data and on the tab Home.

– Home
– Conditional Formatting
– Highlight Cells Rules
– Duplicate Values

In the window that appears then, you can set the desired formatting (filling, font color, etc.)

Find Duplicate in Google Sheets

If you want to highlight not single cells, but entire rows at once, you will have to create a conditional formatting rule with a formula. To do this, select all the data in the table and select 

– Format
– Conditional formatting
– Custom Formula is
– Use a formula to determine which cells to format



and then enter the formula: