How to change netis router password ?

Published: April 12, 2021

Last Modified: April 7, 2023

How to change netis router password ?

  • Open your chrome browser in Mobile or Desktop
  • in search bar type

To change the Wireless security password:

  1. Click on the Wireless tab and then click on the Wireless Security sub-menu.
  2. Several security options are available to pick from. Select the WPA/WPA2 – Personal option.
  3. Now type the wireless password in the respective field box. This will be the user’s wi-fi password.
  4. Click on Save to save the new wifi password.

Change the Netis Router Password:

After validating the Netis admin interface with the default password and login, follow the below steps to change the Netis password.

To change the router default password:

  1. Navigate to System Tools/Settings.
  2. Select the Password option from the sub-menu.
  3. Verify old username & password.
  4. Enter the new username and password.
  5. Save the settings & restart the router.


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Congratulation Your WiFi Password is Changed

Reset Netis to Factory Settings:

Follow the steps given below to factory reset your Netis:

  1. Locate the Reset button present on the router. It is usually present at the back of the router. Use a pen or a paper clip to press and hold it for about 30 seconds.
  2. Observe the LED light on the router. If it blinks or flashes, that means your router is resetting.
  3. Unplug the router from the power supply for 30 seconds and plug it back in to complete the reset network process.

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