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Connecting Dahua DVRs to SmartPSS

Connecting Dahua DVRs to SmartPSS

Step 1. Connecting the DVR to the SmartPSS program

Download the SmartPSS software from the link below.

SmartPSS for Windows

SmartPSS for macOS

After installing the program in the main window of the program, click the “Devices” icon

Dahua DVR

In the line “Device Name” you need to come up with and enter a name (name), for example, “House”, “Apartment”, “Garage”, “Parking”. 

Next, in the “Method to add” field, select the connection method via “P2P” . In the “SN:” field, enter the serial number, which is located on the DVR itself or on the box.

After that, in the remaining fields, enter the username and password that were specified when activating the device.

When adding a camera, one camera is added, when adding a recorder, all cameras connected to the recorder are added

Dahua DVR

After adding, the connected devices are moved to the main window “All Device”.

If you entered the data correctly in the “Online Status” section , a green indicator and the status “Online ” will be displayed .

Also, in the “Operation” section, you can edit the data of the connected device or delete the device. 

Dahua DVR

Step 2. View live video from Dahua DVRs in SmartPSS 

To view the video cameras connected to the program, on the main page, click the “Live View” icon

Dahua DVR

In the viewing window, we select how many cameras we want to see on the screen and from the drop-down list in the right part of the window, drag the channels with cameras to the desired places on the screen with the mouse.

Dahua DVR

After all the cameras are placed in their places, they can be dragged to other places with the mouse.

Right-clicking on a video brings up a context menu where you can perform various actions and settings.

Dahua DVR

We hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions, write to the chat or call our technical support.

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