What is an XLM file?



How to open, edit, and convert XLM files

An XLM file is an Excel 4.0 macro file.Macros allow you to automate a process that allows you to repeat repetitive tasks to save time and reduce the chance of errors.

Newer Excel formats such as XLSM and XLTM are similar to XLM in that they can store macros, but unlike XLM files, they are true spreadsheet files that include macros. The XLM file is a legacy format that is itself a macro file.

The XLM and XML formats may appear to be similar because their file extensions look the same, but they are actually two completely different file formats.

How to open an XLM file

It is very important to be careful when opening executable files, such as XLM files that you may have received via email or downloaded from websites you are not familiar with.

Although Microsoft suggests that you no longer use them, you can still open XLM files in Microsoft Excel.


The free Microsoft Excel Viewer lets you open XLM files without Microsoft Excel, just like LibreOffice Calc does.

If you find that an application on your computer is trying to open an XLM file but it’s the wrong application, or if you’d rather have another installed program open XLM files, learn how to change the default program for a specific file extension to make that change. in Windows.

How to Convert an XLM File

You can open an XLM file in Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc and then save the opened file in another similar format.

If you are trying to figure out how to convert an XML file, learn more about what an XML file is and how to do it.

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