Tracking a child’s phone on Android

Published: May 16, 2022

Last Modified: March 13, 2023

Tracking a child’s phone on Android

Method 1: Family Relationship

The most convenient solution to the problem is a proprietary application from Google called Family Link, through which parental control can be exercised.

    1. For the full functioning of Family Link, you will need to set up and create a special children’s account. Both procedures have already been reviewed by one of our authors, so use the guides at the link below.

    2. making all the changes, open the parent version of the application, scroll through the options available in the menu to the “Location” item and tap on it “Configure”.
    1. Here, click “Enable”, then “OK.”
    1. Now the card will show the inscription “Location update”—wait until the geodata from the child’s device is transferred to yours.
    1. After connecting, the current location of the linked device will be displayed in the block.

      You can update the information by clicking on the corresponding button.

Both apps are completely free, but both parent and child devices must be running Android 7.1 or later to use the service.

Norton Family Method 2

A third-party alternative to the above solution is the Norton Family program, from the developers of the popular desktop and mobile antivirus.

Download Norton Family from the Google Play Store.

    1. Install the app on both devices. Norton Family requires you to create an account in order to work-do this and immediately log in.
    1. You will need to create a child device profile: enter its name and set the level of restrictions according to age.

      In this case, indicate the type of device that the child is using; in our case, it will be “Smartphone or tablet based on Android”. Then click “Next.”

    1. To continue and go to the children’s device Tap on the item “child device”, then-the account that you created in step 3, give a name to your smartphone or tablet, and click “Finish.”
    1. Give the program all the permissions it requires and tap “Continue.”
    1. You can now use the tracking feature on the parent gadget. By default, it is disabled—in order to activate it, tap on the previously created profile.

      Go to the “Rules” tab, and use the option “Location Tracking”. 

      Refer to the drop-down menu, in which you set the item “On”, then confirm the desire by clicking on “OK.”

  1. Now go to the tab “Actions”, where you’ll tap on the option “Location”. 

    Wait until the program contacts the child’s device and displays the required information.

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