The popular YouTuber ‘TechnoBlade’ is no more.

The 23-year-old YouTuber, popularly known as “TechnoBlade”, has died of cancer after posting a video of him playing a Minecraft game on YouTube. In a video posted on her YouTube channel on Thursday, her father announced that her son had died.

His father made this video public, addressing more than 11 million followers of TechnoBlade’s YouTube. The last words written by Technoblade in the video titled “So Long Nerds” are read by his father.

He has also kept a saying in memory of his son. In a message read by his father, Technoblad expressed his gratitude to his fans and revealed that his real name was Alex.

In the gaming sector, most gamers are known by their nicknames. It often involves some anonymity between the content creator and the audience. Sometimes, some fans don’t know anything personal about their content creator or gamer.

The video, which went public yesterday, begins with his message: “Hello everyone. If you’re watching this, I’m dead.” Thank you all for supporting my content over the years. If I had another 100 years, I think I would love to live my life as a technoblade again. Because those were the happiest years of my life.

These words have made many people emotional. Technoblade fans are shocked by the news. Her fans, as well as many YouTubers, have expressed their grief over her death on social media.

Two months later, a video uploaded at once brought the news of Technoblade’s death. 

After reading his message, his father also expressed his gratitude to his son’s fans, saying, “I don’t think he said everything he wanted to say in this message, but I think he included the main things he wanted to say in this message.”

After writing this message, Technoblade mentioned in the video that he survived the last eight hours of his life.

TechnoBlade, known to fans as TechnoBlade, is the profile of his YouTube channel, which features a crowned pig carrying a sword.

In August 2021, Technoblad was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. He had a cancer called “sarcoma”, which spreads slowly to human bones and muscles and blood vessels.

According to Technoblade’s family, all of the merchandise in his online store will be donated to the Sarcoma Foundation of America in his memory.

In addition, Technoblad has always respected his fans, and his family has urged him to pay more attention to his privacy as he pays more attention to his content than his popularity.

TechnoBlade released its first video eight years ago. TechnoBlade, which has a video of him playing a Minecraft game, was more famous for his talk and humorous mood than his style of play.

He knew very well how to entertain his audience.

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