Switch language on the keyboard in Windows 10

Published: July 22, 2022

Last Modified: March 12, 2023

Switch language on the keyboard in Windows 10

The simplest, and certainly known to the vast majority of users, method of switching the language in Windows 10 is to use the layout indicator located in the right corner of the taskbar (if its initial location on the screen was not changed manually). Click on the icon that says “,” “ENG, or another common abbreviation (depending on which language packs are installed on the system) and select the desired option from the list that appears.

Note! If the above panel is missing, it is likely that it has been minimized or disabled, but there may be more serious reasons—virus infection or corrupted system files. You can learn more about this problem and how to solve it in a separate article on our website, the link to which is given below.

Keyboard Shortcut Method 2

An alternative to the solution proposed above, besides being much more convenient, is the use of hot keys. By default, the combination “Alt + Shift” is responsible for switching the language. It is important to note that both the left and right pair can be used for this. However, the order of changing layouts in each of the cases will be the opposite.

Note! Another combination that can be used to switch the language is “Ctrl + Shift”, both located on the left side of the keyboard and those on the right. In order for it to work (instead of the one indicated above), you must first change the settings. We have previously discussed how this is done in a separate article

Optional: Adding a language to the layout

If the list of languages available for use does not contain the one you need, you will need to add it yourself. This is done in the system settings, and how exactly-you can find out from the article presented at the link below..

For a number of languages (for example, English, Russian, and Chinese), several language layouts are available at once, which differ by region.

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