Setting up a Huawei HG8245H router ( Wan, Lan, Wireless )

Setting up a Huawei HG8245H router ( Wan, Lan, Wireless )

Step 1: Connecting the router to the computer

First of all, you need to connect the Huawei HG8245H router to the computer, if this has not been done before. It is best to use a LAN cable, which will provide a stable connection and allow you to enter the web interface for subsequent operations related to editing parameters. In our other article, the author explains how to connect any router to a computer and do it right.

Step 2: Authorization in the web interface

All actions related to changing the configuration of the router in question take place in its proprietary Internet center. In most cases, it does not change and remains original, however, Rostelecom could install its own firmware, and then the appearance of the menu is slightly different from what you will see below. However, this does not affect the authorization process in any way. You will need to find the address, username and password to go through the settings. The information is located on the back label of the device, and if you have difficulty identifying it, please refer to the following guide.

It remains only to go to the received address in any convenient browser and enter authorization data. Another article on our website is also devoted to this topic, where all methods are based on models from Huawei. Accordingly, the instructions given are also suitable for the router model in question.

Setting up a Huawei HG8245H router under Rostelecom

Step 3: First steps in modify  login password

After successfully logging in to the router, you will be automatically redirected to the section for editing authorization data. The developers recommend changing the username and setting the password so that outsiders (usually neighbors) cannot access the interface and change the configuration.

Upon completion of the configuration, the changes take effect and the router is sent to reboot. The next time you enter this menu, use the new username and password.

huawei router
Step 4: WAN Settings
The most important parameters that directly affect the connection relate to the WAN, since it is through this protocol that data is received from the provider through the appropriate cable. It is in the section with the same name that the parameters are edited to select the type of connection.
  • Open the WAN tab and select an existing connection to configure it, or create a new one.
  • Among the settings that appear, find the “PPPoE” item and mark the item with a marker. If the contract or instructions from the provider say that you need to use a different protocol, activate it and configure it in accordance with the information provided.

Note that when using the PPPoE protocol, the provider must provide a login and password for authorization on the network. This information must be entered in the router settings when displaying individual fields. If you do not know what exactly should be indicated, contact Rostelecom technical support and ask the company representative the question you are interested in. It may turn out that the Internet service provider connected you using the dynamic IP protocol, then the Internet should appear immediately after connecting the router

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Step 5: Wireless network

Now, most clients use a wireless network in addition to a LAN connection, connecting the device to a router using Wi-Fi. Each router distributes its own network with unique parameters. Just they need to be edited through the web interface of the router, ensuring the normal functioning of the access point.

  • To do this, go to the “WLAN” tab and be sure to check the box “Enable WLAN” .
  • Select an existing connection and delete it using the dedicated button. After that, create a new one to customize it from scratch the way you need it.
  • Enter any convenient network name in the “SSID Name” field . It is used to search for this access point in the list of available when connected. Additionally, make sure there is a checkmark next to the item “Enable SSID” .
  • Here, select the recommended authentication method, that is, network protection. From the drop-down list, you will need to specify “WPA / WPA2 PreSharedKey” .
  • The connection password itself is entered in the “WPA PreSharedKey” field , it must consist of at least eight characters. Remember this password because you will need to use it the first time you connect to the custom hotspot. However, do not worry, you can return to the web interface at any time and change this key to any other, but then you will have to re-enter it on all devices connected to the router.
Step 6: Local Network
In conclusion, we will deal with the parameters of the local network. Usually, their default values ​​suit most users, but editing may be necessary if this router is connected to another or a corporate network is being set up. To get started, open the “LAN” tab and take a look at the two available fields. In this firmware version, only the router’s IP address and subnet mask can be changed. If the second field always remains unchanged, then you can edit the IP address depending on your needs, for example, to avoid conflicts when connecting one router to another.

Next, move to the “DHCP Server Configuration” section and pay attention to the items present there. Disable the DHCP server if your router is in bridge mode but you are having trouble connecting. Here you can also specify the range of received IP addresses for clients, but usually this parameter remains unchanged.

Like this you can Configure  ( Setting up a Huawei HG8245H router )( Wan, Lan, Wireless )

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