How to change MikroTik LAN IP addresses ?

Published: July 6, 2022

Last Modified: February 7, 2023

How to change MikroTik LAN IP addresses ?

I will give an example of changing the range of IP addresses for the local network. The default is, but there are times when an organization uses a different subnet and needs to install a new MikroTik, or when multiple MikroTik devices are used on the same network, or users use multiple MikroTik routers connected in a chain.

IP Addresses. First, change the local IP address, for example to

IP – DHCP Server, in the DHCP tab, where Lease Time, you can reduce the IP address lease time in advance, for example, by 5 minutes (00:05:00), so that the subnet change takes place without much delay. And after changing the IP addresses, increase again.

IP – DHCP Server, Networks tab, Change to a new subnet.

IP – DNS. Let’s change the IP address of the local DNS.

IP Pool. Let’s change the IP addresses to a new subnet, for example

IP – Firewall, nothing needs to be changed by default, except if you added your own rules.

To make sure that we haven’t missed anything, let’s see the configuration by running the command in the terminal:

export compact

If 192.168.88 is not found in the configuration, then everything is fine.

In the System – Reboot menu, you can reboot MikroTik, if the devices are connected by a direct cable, not through additional devices, such as switches, then when MikroTik is rebooted, they will lose the link and, when it appears, they will request a new IP address (DHCPDISCOVER).

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