How to remotely control other people’s gadgets

How to remotely control other people’s gadgets

In this article, we will tell you how to “share” the screen of your smartphone for demonstration on any other device, as well as how to control someone else’s smartphone or computer without leaving home.
Let’s make a reservation right away. This is not secret surveillance, but only an approved broadcast of what is happening on someone else’s screen. With this method, you will not be able to spy on your boyfriend’s smartphone or frame your boss by secretly controlling his smartphone. However, the method is perfect for other cases.
For example, when you need to help your parents and grandparents set up their computers or phones correctly, and also when you need to show how to properly use a new feature in the application. In general, the method is useful for remotely solving any problems related to your devices.
Scenarios can be different for everyone, but for any of them you will need the free TeamViewer application. The principle here is the same as when connecting to a computer remotely. Thanks to the application, you can manage remote devices as well as easily share files between your computer and smartphone.
How to connect to someone else’s smartphone
In order to connect to someone else’s smartphone or computer on the device from which you are going to control, you need to download the TeamViewer-remote access application or visit the web page.
On the “patient” device, you need to download the TeamViewer Quick Support program. The program always works in pairs, so we recommend installing both applications at once.
After installing Quick Support, each device receives a 9-digit identifier in the system for remote connection. After entering this ID on another device, TeamViewer asks for permission to remote support, and after confirmation, another permission to broadcast will be required.
Your device can be controlled remotely after clicking the “Start” button.
The app is useful not only for Android smartphones. Due to its cross-platform nature, TeamViewer allows you to connect devices with any OS. For example, you can transfer and receive files from Android to iOS and vice versa, while being at any distance from each other.

How to connect to a smartphone from a computer:

If you wish, you can connect to someone else’s smartphone from your computer, while additional opportunities for remote control open up before you-you can launch any application and work with text directly from the keyboard of your computer.
On the File Transfer tab, you can quickly share files by simply dragging and dropping them with your mouse, just like in any file manager. And in the extended information tab, you can see the current battery temperature, RAM consumption, and processor load.
When connected back, you have the opportunity to control the computer from your smartphone. In addition to the touch mode, for easier interaction with the computer screen, there is a tab with hot keys, as well as a quick action bar. With their help, you can, if necessary, quickly lock or restart your computer, switch between applications or work with text.


With great confidence, we can say that the TeamViewer program will be a real salvation for those who want to do professional remote computer help as well as for those who are often contacted by relatives or friends because “the Internet is gone”, “the printer does not print” or just “needy computer help”. Instead of driving across the city, install TeamViewer Quicksupport for them, and next time you can help your loved ones without leaving home.

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