How to reboot cisco with command ?

How to reboot cisco with command ?

Dear blog readers, we continue to study Cisco. Last time we saw how Cisco routing is configured , but today I want to answer this question from my subscriber, and it sounds like restarting Cisco with a command. Today I will tell you how to do it at the right time for you and consider what it is for.

Consider the situation: you are setting up something and did it wrong. Everything went wrong. Fortunately (or unfortunately) in Cisco equipment, the configuration is not saved automatically, so in the event of an unsuccessful configuration, you can reboot the device and the saved configuration will be restored. You do not have physical access to the device and you cannot pull out the power cord, but you need to reboot Cisco. What to do? It is logical that there is a command that can be sent via ssh and complete the task. Let’s get to know.

In order to reboot Cisco with the command , connect to Cisco ssh and enter privileged mode with the command


Enter the reload ? command to see its syntax and capabilities. The reload command is a Cisco delayed reload command.

From the list of command attributes, we will be interested in the in parameter, which says to restart after a certain number of minutes that you specify. For example, I want to reboot the cisco in a minute. For this we enter

How to reboot cisco with command ?

reload in 1

A simple application example: before setting up the equipment, you specify that the Cisco will have to reboot in an hour. Then you configure it. You can even save the config to your TFTP server, but not to the Cisco’s memory. You are working and something goes wrong, and you lose access to it, but you don’t worry about knowing that after a while it will restart itself and you will get the old settings. This is such a protection against human inattention and mistakes. since the network specialist may be very far from the location of the equipment.

There is also a useful parameter that allows you to restart the device at a certain time. This is the at parameter .

You see, my Cisco went into a reboot, as indicated by the SHUTDOWN NOW message.

How to reboot cisco with command ?

I think knowing this command and the ability to reboot a Cisco switch or router will save you a lot of time and nerve cells.

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