How to prevent being hacked

Published: June 12, 2022

Last Modified: February 25, 2023

How to prevent being hacked

Not only does my computer get stuck and I feel annoyed, but sometimes it is the neighbor’s sassy operation that makes the mobile phone jump out of the deduction text message-rubbing the net! People who swipe the Internet are called “Internet thieves.” People are evil, and they want to kick them to Mars when they open a mobile phone hotspot on Earth. So, how do you avoid being hacked?

  • A computer or mobile phone connected to your own Wi-Fi.
basic method
  1. Avoid using shared Wi-Fi. 

    Many people are swiped to the Internet because others use Wi-Fi sharing software to “one-click” connection.

    Reason: You, your family members, or users who have connected to this Wi-Fi have used Wi-Fi sharing software to connect. Since this type of software defaults to sharing passwords, your Wi-Fi passwords are inadvertently shared. 

    Solution: Download the corresponding app, click the option to cancel the sharing after seeing that your Wi-Fi is being shared, and then follow the prompts to cancel the sharing. If this does not resolve the problem, you can complain or accept your fate. 

  2.  Avoid setting simple passwords.

    Internet users see that the Wi-Fi is not shared, and may use weak passwords such as 12345678 and 88888888 to try, or use the Wi-Fi owner’s name, phone number, birthday, and other information to collide; the Wi-Fi master key also has a built-in 8-digit password brute force cracking function. So people who are still using these simple passwords need to change their passwords as soon as possible.

    Reason: The person who assembles the broadband and debugs the router sets a simple password for convenience and for fear of trouble. or the router’s default password. 

    Solution: Enter the router management interface to change the password.

  3. Turn off the PIN code login function. very

    important! Turning on this function is easy enough to cause pseudo-technicians to crack it once and then break it in seconds. No matter how complicated the password is, it is useless if the Wi-Fi is not shared!

    Reason: The router is turned on by default, or it is turned on for the show. 

    Solution: Enter the router management interface to disable the PIN code login function.

Extended move
  • Hide the Wi-Fi name

    Advantage: You can invisibly exclude the “next-door king” from the Wi-Fi list. 

    Principle: Do not actively send the SSID, making it difficult for ordinary clients to discover the existence of WIFI. 

    The trouble: manually adding Wi-Fi when connecting, manually entering the SSID.

    The hotspot can still be found and connected directly through some special systems/software, but the SSID cannot be directly seen.

    Recommendation: This method works better with the previous methods. End of operation

    process: Log in to Wi-Fi and click Advanced Settings. 

  • Be careful with the light cat. Set the security settings on the light cat’s Wi-Fi, cancel the shared Wi-Fi, or simply turn off the light cat’s Wi-Fi function.
  • If you forget the password, you can reset it by pressing and holding the reset hole of the router on the premise of remembering the broadband account password.