How to Make a Website Friendly to Search Engines – Part 1


Making the site beautiful and attracting attention at first sight does not mean that the work on it is over. Search engines do not care how the site looks; it is only important that its structure satisfies the needs of the search engine.

Decided to make a website yourself? Remember to properly manage tags.

In order for the site to unambiguously take a place in the top lines of search query results, you need to create a website according to all the rules.

There are not many minimum requirements for SEO optimization, but they should be followed.

  • Be sure to enter in the title> tag only the most accurate information that reveals the subject of the resource to the user.
  • H1> and higher headings should be properly formatted, logically highlighting the main points of the site.
  • Think of a short description in the Description> tag that should reflect the exact information about the page.
  • Creating a new website means giving it a friendly URL that will be understandable to the user and search engines.

Having a linked map

The presence of a site link map is a tree of links that corresponds to the structure with a transition to the internal pages of the site. To do this, you can use the tool from “Yandex”—”Yandex. Webmaster”. It will be easier for the robot to analyze the structure of the site if there is a map.

Competent linking when creating a website

Relinking is the presence on the site page of a set of links to other pages, which allows the user to become interested in other services or information, increasing traffic and, accordingly, positions in the ranking for certain points.

Pages should not be duplicated.

  • It is necessary to exclude duplication of pages for search engines.
  • Avoid indexing service information, search results for queries, and pages with a printable version. They are not valuable to the search engine but only lead indexing astray.

Server headers must be correct.

Server headers must be correct. For example, when opening a non-existent page of the site, information with the error code 404 (which means “not found”) should be displayed. An error will be the issuance of code 200. As a result, an empty page will be indexed, and this certainly will not add traffic to the resource.

Session IDs should not be in the URL.

If you want to make a high-quality turnkey site, tell the contractor to limit the indexing of pages with identifiers using the robots.txt file. Identifiers collect information about the visitor’s behavior on the site, but for the robot, such pages are unique. You can restrict authentication by turning off session identifiers.

To place an order on the site from professionals means saving the budget.

  • Option 1: You can make a website yourself, but you will make a lot of mistakes, and then it will have to be optimized for search engine promotion. As a result, its final cost can be very high.
  • OPTION 2: You can order a site for a friend and at the same time get a low-quality product that will not be shown to the user when a search query is made. It means just throwing money in the trash.
  • OPTION 3: You can place an order for a website in the AVANSET web studio, and get a high-quality website, made in accordance with all the rules and ready for search engine promotion.
The above are not all tips for optimizing the site, but they are the starting point for the promotion of the resource. Order sites from trusted performers who have gained experience over the years in optimizing and promoting electronic resources at the highest level. In the end, you will only win.

Website development can be ordered.

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