How To Control Your PC Using Android

Published: February 19, 2022

Last Modified: February 26, 2023

How To Control Your PC Using Android

With the technological advances we have today, very few people could believe that a computer could be controlled from our Android mobile device. But is it Microsoft Windows natively has a remote access feature known as RDP. That’s why we will show you how to control my computer from android mobile phone remotely without internet.

But it is also necessary to download an application on the phone that allows us to communicate with our PC, of ​​course without using the Internet.

Since the Remote Desktop Protocol or RPD is used, you can allow a connection between any computer that is running the operating system. Windows and the client, so you can work with the PC as if you were in front of it.

This new way to access my computer is similar to how I use my Android as a Smart TV remote control . Connecting various devices using connection programs. And this is just a glimpse of what the new generations will experience, who will grow up in a fully technological world.

🌐 Just follow the below steps to have complete access to your laptop or computer using your smartphone.
🔹Step 1: First of download and install the app Chrome Remote Desktop on your smartphone.
Download Chrome Remote Desktop: – Android ios Now open the app, you will see the label above My Computers and below the will be your Google account which you have to log into your device.
🔹Step 2: Now there will be no computer till yet as you have not set any computer until that time. Now open Google Chrome of your PC and install the extension Chrome Remote Desktop. Now the extension will be added to your Chrome and you will now see apps like a program in your taskbar (bottom of the screen).
🔹Step 3: Now click on it and you will see all apps that have installed in your Chrome and, at last, you will see the Chrome Remote Desktop icon click on it. Now the installation process will begin and just proceed with the steps and a software will automatically download to your PC for remote sharing, just install it and proceed according to indicated and click on get started in access PC from anywhere.
🔹Step 4: Now you have to set a pin for Remote Computer share and after that enable the feature. Now go to your mobile the app and click on refresh at the right top and you will see your PC in a list.
🔹Step 5: Click on it and enter your PIN there and you will now access your computer screen.
    ✅ That’s it! you are done with this, now you can do anything on your PC with your smartphone.
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