How to clear telegram cache on android phone ?

Published: June 21, 2022

Last Modified: April 3, 2023

How to clear telegram cache on android phone ?

People who actively use instant messengers often do not realize that a large amount of information is stored on their mobile gadgets. And if you take Telegram, then the data weight is especially large there. This messenger transmits photos, GIFs, videos, archived and text files that should “settle” somewhere. Hence the question arises: Is it possible to get rid of the cache while maintaining access to information?

The answer will be positive. All files in Telegram are in the cloud, and only a copy of them is displayed on the gadget. That is why when deleting files from the cache, they are loaded again from the chat or channel where you go. This article will talk about how to clear the telegram cache on an Android phone and offer a number of necessary tips for saving the memory of a mobile gadget.

Methods for deleting cached data

There are two ways to clear the telegram cache on an Android phone. The first one consists of these steps:

  1. In the application, open “Settings”;
  1. Click on the three dots located at the top right.
  1. A menu will appear where you need to select the “Data and Memory” section.
  1. Then go to the “Memory Usage” item;
  1. Click “Clear Telegram Cache”.

If you want to free up even more memory, you can also clear the database. For older smartphones, this is especially true since the size of such a database can reach several gigabytes!

A step-by-step scheme for clearing the cache on the phone

In order for the cache to be 100% cleared, you should go to the “Local Database”. As a result of these actions, the message cache will be cleared, and the memory will be compressed, which will free up more memory by about 50–75%. In the screenshot above, we just showed where this can be done.

If we talk about another option for cleaning porridge, then the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Go to “Settings” in Telegram;
  1. Select “Data and memory”;
  1. Next in “Memory Usage”;
  1. Select “Clear Database”

If you apply cache clearing, then everything will be deleted instantly, but if the task is to “demolish” a certain type of data, then you can select it by checking the boxes next to the corresponding type.

Memory Saving Tips

If a user likes to chat in chats and is subscribed to a large number of channels, clearing the Telegram cache will only be a temporary way to solve the problem in the fight against the amount of data. It is worth working on optimizing the messenger and downloading fewer files.

Therefore, we recommend the following tips:

  • Disable saving files on your smartphone. To do this, in the “Settings”, you should select the “Chat Settings” section and disable the “Save to Gallery” item.
  • Cancel the option to automatically download media files. This is done in the “Data and storage” section, disabling downloading data via Wi-Fi, mobile network, or roaming, which will optimize space.
  • Do not use autoplay for videos and GIFs, as this data takes up the most memory. If you need to play the video, you can do it directly in the chat. Autoload is disabled through the “Data and memory” section.
  • Apply advanced settings, which will set the data storage limit in Telegram on the gadget. It is also worth setting the demolition of files that are older than 3 days.

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