How to call Instagram

Published: May 11, 2022

Last Modified: April 5, 2023

How to call Instagram

Method 1: Direct dial

With Instagram’s internal messaging, you can not only communicate with other people on demand, but also make video calls completely free and with virtually unlimited, which also supports the app’s filters. Usually, this feature is not related to the friend list, so it is available to all users out of the box, but can be restricted by the account owner and privacy settings.

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    1. Open the mobile application of the social network, click the direct icon in the upper right corner of the homepage, and select the corresponding one from the general list. Chats can also be opened in other ways, such as by accessing the user’s account and using the button “to write”. .
    2. Once in the message history screen, tap the camera icon in the upper right corner of the screen, as shown in the screenshot, to make a video call. If the button doesn’t appear, it’s most likely due to the privacy settings of the selected person or restrictions on the phone.
    3. During a call, the microphone and camera can be deactivated individually, and the call can be re-established if desired using the corresponding buttons. In addition, when the video call is turned on, the famous Instagram skin and effects will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. After a single application, if the called user restarts or does not answer, a notification will be displayed. This is also recorded in message history and notifications.

From the perspective of the user on the video call, notifications appear in multiple places at once, dedicated to getting attention and responding in a timely manner. In the case of group chats, this option is also available, but the answer is not mandatory – you can press the button “join the army” at any time. on the top bar.

Method 2: Dial the phone number

Many companies and authors active on Instagram have added a special button “Contact” to their pages. The “Contacts” feature allows every visitor to the profile to dial phone numbers in the list. This may not be relevant in all cases and should be taken into account from the outset as the usual rates will be charged according to the calling plan.

    1. In the mobile app, open the desired company page in any convenient way and tap “Contacts”. . In some cases, the button may not be available, in which case the call cannot be made.
    2. With this option, at the bottom of the screen, select “How to call” to open an external calling application with an automatically copied phone number. Then you can simply push a button to make a call and wait for a reply from the author or company.

Sometimes account holders designate text messages as a means of communication rather than phone calls, which is more convenient because it is impossible to reply to all visitors at the same time. This must be taken into consideration immediately and don’t forget to charge.

Contact the Service Desk

The topics discussed may also involve calling the Instagram Help Desk directly, as many resources today have added support phone numbers for user convenience. Unfortunately, in this particular case, residents of the Russian Federation and Ukraine have no such option and therefore cannot negotiate with them.

More info: Contact Instagram Support

Although there is no direct phone number, it is still possible to contact the help desk through a special section in the official mobile application of the social network. Of course, this is a very limited text box with the ability to attach multiple media files.

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