How to block User in TP-Link WiFi Router

Published: August 20, 2022

Last Modified: February 8, 2023

How to block User in TP-Link WiFi Router

Enable user blocking mode on the basic Wi-Fi router using simple steps to protect unknown connection requests. Follow the steps to block users on the TP-Link Wi-Fi Router.

How to block users on a TP-Link Wi-Fi Router

Blocking mode is an additional security feature in routers. to prevent unauthorized access to the internet via Wi-Fi. You can block Wi-Fi users and LAN users on any basic router. Blocking internet users is a bit of a simple and DIY procedure. You will find plenty of users who try to access Wi-Fi running nearby but can be prevented from disturbing your internet using blocking mode. Users can be allowed and disallowed access to Wi-Fi as well as LAN connections. In this post, you will find steps to take in order to block a user on a TP-Link router. Here I am using a TP-Link Wi-Fi router, but the steps will be similar for all the routers blocking users accessing the internet. Also read how to login to the Aris router from a computer.

Connect to Your Wi-Fi Users Should Be Blocked

A router must be configured to prevent mobile or computer internet users from accessing a web page, a router must be configured. You can connect the Wi-Fi router via Wi-Fi or a physical wired connection via a LAN cable. You can blacklist users as either Wi-Fi users or wired users using Mac addresses to restrict internet access.

Login Wi-Fi Router with Default IP Address

TP-Link or for TP-Link legacy models.

Username: admin

password: admin

Enable Mac Filtering on the Wi-Fi Router

Users can block either mac-based or IP-based services. In this guide, we will block the user with a Mac address.

Navigate to Wireless MAC Filter.

Wireless Mac Filtering-Enable (Press Enable button)

Deny the stations specified by any enabled entries in the list access.

To block mobile users from accessing the internet, you need to add them to the deny list.

Select the “Add New” option.

Now add the Mac address you want to block from internet access.

Type your mobile/PC/laptop Mac address in this box.

Give the name of the user to the identified blocked user.

How to find a mobile, laptop, or computer Mac address to block

If you want to block a user connected to your WIFI router, then you can find the user’s mac address details in the router settings.

Go to DHCP—DHCP Client List ( this is the list of the total users connected to your internet). Just simply find the mobile or any device that does not belong to your home or office and block the Mac address.

Find Mac’s Address from Mobile

If you want to block your family member or kid’s internet access, you can also find their Mac address from mobile settings.

Go to Phone settings-About Phone

Click on the Status option.

Inside status, you will find a Mac address and other phone information such as mobile signal, IP address,

Right-click the Mac address and add it to the block list.

Examine Your PC/Laptop’s Mac Address

To get a desktop or computer Mac address, you can use the command prompt as well as a network connection.

Open “Run” by pressing Windows + R.

Type “CMD” and hit the enter key.

In the command line, type “ipconfig  /all”  press enter key to execute.

You can find all the Ethernet and WLAN Mac address details here.

To prevent internet access, block the Wi-Fi mac address on laptops and the LAN mac address on desktops.

Once you have got all the Mac addresses, just add them one by one to the Wi-Fi router, and that user will force disconnection after making saving changes.

Although to block users on a TP-Link Wi-Fi router, I used a TP-Link router, but you can also follow the same steps for any other brand of WIFI router.

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