Hidden settings in the Google Chrome browser

Published: July 17, 2022

Last Modified: March 5, 2023

Hidden settings in the Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome is a powerful and functional web browser that has a lot of fine-tuning options in its arsenal. However, not all users know that the “Settings” section contains only a small part of the tools for working on improving the browser because there are also hidden settings, which will be discussed in the article.

Many web browser updates add new features and functionality to Google Chrome. However, such functions appear in it far from immediately-at first they are tested for a long time by everyone, and you can access them in hidden settings.

Thus, hidden settings are Google Chrome test settings, which are currently under development and therefore can be very unstable. Some options may suddenly disappear from the browser at any time, and some remain in the hidden menu without getting into the main one.

How to get into the hidden settings of Google Chrome

It is quite easy to get into the hidden settings of Google Chrome: For this, using the address bar, you will need to go to the following link:


The screen will display a list of hidden settings, which is quite extensive.

Please note that mindlessly changing the settings in this menu is strongly discouraged, as it can seriously disrupt the browser.

How to use hidden settings

Activation of hidden settings, as a rule, occurs by clicking on the button next to the required item “Enable” . Using the search bar, which can be called using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F, the easiest way to find it is using the search bar.

For the changes to take effect, you will definitely need to restart the web browser by agreeing with the program’s suggestion or by performing this procedure yourself.

Below we will consider a list of the most interesting and relevant Google Chrome hidden settings for the current day, with which the use of this product will become even more comfortable.

5 Hidden Tweaks to Improve Google Chrome

1. “Smooth scrolling.This mode will allow you to smoothly scroll the page with the mouse wheel, greatly improving the quality of web surfing.

2. “Quick closing tabs/windows.” A useful feature that allows you to increase the response time of the browser for almost instantaneous closing of windows and tabs.

3. “Automatically delete the contents of the tabs.” Prior to the adoption of this feature, Google Chrome consumed a huge amount of resources and also spent significantly more battery power due to this, and therefore users of laptops and tablets refused this web browser. By now everything is much better: by activating this function when the memory is full, the contents of the tab will be erased, but the tab itself will remain in its place. Opening the tab again will reload the page.

4. “Material Design at the top of the Chrome browser” and “Material Design in the rest of the browser interface.” This allows you to activate one of the most successful designs in the browser, which has been improved in the Android OS and other Google services for several years.

5. “Creating passwords.” Due to the fact that each Internet user registers on more than one web resource, special attention should be paid to the strength of passwords. This function will allow the browser to automatically generate strong passwords for you and automatically save them in the system (passwords are securely encrypted, so you can be calm about their safety).

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