Fix Wi-Fi Turn Off Issues on iPhone

Published: July 17, 2022

Last Modified: March 5, 2023

Fix Wi-Fi Turn Off Issues on iPhone

Reason 1: Failures on the side of the router

The most obvious reason for the arbitrary disconnection of the iPhone from the Wi-Fi router is the internal settings of the device, which, under certain circumstances, can limit the distribution of the Internet. Most often, this is due to the disconnection of inactive devices, which leads to clearing the channels and improving the quality of the network for other clients.

Particular attention must be paid in the internal parameters to the option DHCP lease period , the exact name of which may vary depending on the model. Here it is best to set the value to 48 hours or more, or disable DHCP server altogether if a home device is being considered.

Additionally, be sure to try deactivating automatic channel selection in the section with wireless network settings, forcibly limiting the choice to one of the options. You can do the same for the accompanying parameter Channel width .

If a problem in the operation of Wi-Fi appears spontaneously when using a home router, the settings of which no one purposefully changed, perhaps a complete reset of the parameters can help. As a rule, there is a corresponding item in the main menu.

Despite the rather low probability of malfunctions in the operation of the router, this can still happen during prolonged use or for other reasons. As part of the diagnostics, we recommend temporarily using another device, which will not only confirm the presence of problems on the side of the router but, on the contrary, may eliminate the need to change the settings.

Reason 2: Power-saving mode

Special attention should be paid to the option in which the Internet is distributed to the phone from a computer or laptop through the “Mobile HotSpot.” Unlike a full-fledged router, the wireless communication module is equipped with an energy-saving function that forcibly blocks the Internet on all devices during prolonged inactivity.

  • In the system application “Settings”, go to the section Network and Internet , open the page Mobile HotSpot and first deactivate the option Energy saving . This parameter will be well complemented by “Auto-connect” from the settings of the iPhone itself.
  •  After that, in the Related Settings category, use the link Configure adapter settings to open the Network and Sharing Center. In this case, left-click on “Local Network” and select Properties .
  •  From the Networking tab in the pop-up window, click the Configure button to navigate to the adapter settings. Next, in turn, you should select the section Power Management and uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save

To save the new settings, use the OK button at the bottom of the window. In this case, it is better to additionally restart the mobile hot spot by turning it off and on again.

Reason number three: automatic network connection

A wireless connection, no matter how good routers are, is not highly stable, and therefore, deactivating the Auto-connect option in the smartphone settings can lead to a loss of connection. In this case, the only solution is to enable the specified option in the settings of a specific network.

To complete the task, go to the Wi-Fi” section in the system Settings and tap the marked icon next to the desired wireless network. After that, it is enough to use the Auto-connect function by using the slider located next to it.

Reason 4: System Malfunctions

As reliable as iOS is, it’s not uncommon for iPhones to encounter bugs that can cause Wi-Fi to turn off spontaneously on a permanent basis or as a result of certain actions. On this topic, we have prepared an instruction which should be read in detail and followed by the specified instructions.

Method 1: Rebooting the phone

The simplest solution is to reboot the operating system using the shutdown slider or a combination of the volume and power buttons. Most often, this is enough to restore the correct operation of the device.

Restarting an iPhone

Method 2: Remove and look for a network

After detecting the problem and following the steps suggested earlier, you need to get rid of all saved networks in the device settings. To do this, go to the Wi-Fi” section , select the desired network, and use the “Forget this network button, followed by confirmation.

Having dealt with the removal, reconnect to the same network by manually re-entering the password and check the stability of the connection by making use of the device. Don’t forget to turn on the automatic connection feature.

Method 3: Reset network configurations

If the removal of a separate network did not resolve the situation, you can use the system function of a partial reset. To do this, open the section Basic , select the category Reset“, and in the pop-up window, initialize Reset network settings .

This action will restart the smartphone, during which time the use of it will be unavailable. When finished, reconfigure previously used networks and check the connection for spontaneous disconnections.

In extreme cases, if this is not enough, you can reset all settings or even use firmware recovery in DFU mode via iTunes . Therefore, the deletion of data is not required, and therefore the only sacrifice will be the cost of time.

Contacting Support

The last thing you can do if Wi-Fi is randomly disconnected on your iPhone is to contact Apple Support through a special application. Here you need to select a device from the list of products, touch the item Tell us about your problem,” and enter a description of the situation.

As a rule, such a request after clicking the “Next link will lead to standard recommendations, which can be consulted if desired. It is best to immediately contact a live specialist using the buttons in the Contact category at the bottom of the screen and describe the situation in detail.

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