Continuation of the Basic linux commands

🔴 Continuation of the Basic linux commands 🔴
✳️ cp — Use the cp command to copy files through the command line. It takes two arguments: The first is the location of the file to be copied, the second is where to copy.

✳️ mv — Use the mv command to move files through the command line. We can also use the mv command to rename a file. For example, if we want to rename the file “text” to “new”, we can use “mv text new”. It takes the two arguments, just like the cp command.

✳️ cat — Use the cat command to display the contents of a file. It is usually used to easily view programs

✳️ zip, unzip — Use zip to compress files into a zip archive, and unzip to extract files from a zip archive.

✳️ uname — Use uname to show the information about the system your Linux distro is running. Using the command “uname -a” prints most of the information about the system. This prints the kernel release date, version, processor type, etc.
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