Rating of Programs for Cleaning the Windows System Registry

Published: November 17, 2022

Last Modified: February 10, 2023

Rating of Programs for Cleaning the Windows System Registry

The system registry plays an important role in the functioning of the Windows OS; it is here that records are kept about the configuration of the operating system, about existing and added programs, and their parameters. However, because the registry is essentially a plain text file, it is regarded as the most vulnerable point in Windows. But even if you do not take external attacks into account, the registry itself accumulates a large number of unnecessary and even harmful entries over time, significantly slowing down the computer.

Therefore, regular cleaning of the registry is a procedure that is recommended for all Windows users, and regular tools for this are not provided as part of the OS. As always, products from third-party developers come to the rescue, which take on the task of analyzing the contents of the registry and removing unnecessary entries and their corresponding files.

1.Telamon Cleaner 

According to many experts, Telamon Cleaner is the best registry cleaner for Windows 7–10. At the very least, the utility cleans the registry of erroneous, obsolete, and unnecessary entries as accurately and correctly as possible.

You can start working with the “Registry Scan” function, after which the program will analyze the file and display data on the number of junk entries and files and show a list of registry branches that have certain problems. If the user has sufficient experience, he can manually mark those items that need to be deleted or left. After that, just click on the “Clear” button to get rid of unnecessary data in the registry.

Or you can just press the Smart Scan button, and Telamon Cleaner will do a general cleaning in the system and on the hard drive. The program will analyze and remove unnecessary and unused files, find malware and get rid of it, empty the trash, and find duplicate files, especially large ones.

The interface of the utility is easy to understand, but the main thing is that when using the program, the chances of harming the operating system are much lower than with other similar products.

Telamon Cleaner has the following advantages:

  • high-quality and prompt cleaning of the registry for the Windows OS family;
  • detection of large and unused files;
  • scanning for virus software, identifying potentially harmful browser extensions and programs
  • regular utility updates;
  • the ability to start scanning and cleaning the PC on a schedule.

2. Computer Accelerator

Although this domestic development is paid, the fact that the utility is considered the best program for cleaning the registry and improving PC performance largely eliminates this shortcoming.

Among the main advantages of the “Accelerator” are the use of proprietary algorithms, an intuitive interface, and extensive functionality, including many nice options.

The utility is able not only to clean the registry but also to defragment it; it can clean up garbage on the disk, manage the startup list, or, in a word, offload the processor and RAM, increasing the speed of the computer.

The additional features of the program, located in the “Tools” tab, contribute to the same goals. These include searching for duplicate files, scanning disks for large files, a system monitor, and several user support tools.

In a word, “computer accelerator” can really be called a solid product, an excellent investment in the security of your PC.

Utility features:

  • friendly Russian-language interface;
  • the ability to quickly clean up garbage from Windows;
  • unsurpassed quality of system registry optimization;
  • autoload manager;
  • job scheduling utility;
  • There is a trial version that works without restrictions.
  • affordable package price.

3. Advanced System Care Free

As the name implies, this utility also has a paid version, but the free version is also among the best utilities for cleaning the Windows 7–10 registry for a reason.

The ability to optimize the operation of the operating system is achieved here in just a few clicks, but if you wish, you can use a number of utilities to fine-tune the system. An undoubted advantage of Advanced System Care Free is its ability to clean your PC from malicious files. The anti-virus properties of the package are not limited to this; it also helps to ensure safety when surfing. You can choose a licensed, paid copy, but trust me, the free version is also very good.

Advantages of the utility:

  • powerful and fast-working tools for optimizing computer performance;
  • the presence of a task scheduler, functioning offline;
  • the ability to fine-tune the operation of the operating system;
  • creating a copy of the system registry;
  • firewall functions, anti-virus software, web ad blocking;
  • removing logs and browser cache;
  • Russian-language interface.

4. Wise Care 365

A good assessment of specialists in the category of programs designed to clean the registry was also given to the Wise Care 365 utility, which, in addition to working with the registry, allows you to perform other tasks aimed at improving the speed of your computer. Improving PC performance is achieved through the use of unique algorithms for cleaning disks of garbage. The popularity of the package is facilitated by a friendly interface and the ability of the program to function automatically. There is an option to diagnose the status of the Windows OS.

Key features of Wise Care 365:

  • quick cleaning of system registry entries;
  • advanced diagnostic capabilities of the operating system with a log of detected errors;
  • the ability to really increase the speed of the PC;
  • startup manager;
  • cleaning the cache of web browsers;
  • support for almost all versions of Windows;
  • built-in task scheduler
  • search/remove duplicate files.

5th. Smart Registry Cleaner

A free program that specializes in fixing registry errors can also clean up a PC disk of obsolete or unused data.

Before each operation with the registry, it creates a copy of it so that, in case of problems, you can roll back to the previous state.

It is part of the paid Wise Care 365 package but can be used standalone as a free app.

Advantages of the Wise Registry utility:

  • analysis of registry errors, dividing them into safe categories, the removal of which will not lead to negative consequences, and potentially dangerous ones, without which the OS may be unstable;
  • For inexperienced users, there is an automatic cleaning mode;
  • The program provides the ability to create checkpoints directly within the utility.
  • There is a function to compress the system registry.
  • There is the possibility of using a lot of user mode, but only in the Pro version.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

The second half of the ranking of programs for working with the registry is headed by a free utility developed by Australian programmers. Its characteristic feature is the high speed of scanning and fixing errors in registry entries; according to this indicator, the program can compete with the leaders of the review.

Auslogics Registry is able to carefully analyze the contents of the registry to detect unnecessary entries, duplicate registration keys, and remnants of remote programs. This optimization allows you to significantly increase the performance of your PC.

Registry Cleaner’s Advantages:

  • advanced system for undoing performed actions;
  • The utility for Windows is provided with a Russian-language interface.
  • Despite the lack of additional features, the program is considered the best registry cleaner.
ATTENTION. Note that sometimes the program also deletes the necessary system files, so it is recommended that you use it only if you have experience and do not ignore the creation of restore points before starting the program.

7. Vit Registry Fix

Unlike the previous utility, Vit Registry Fix has advanced functionality that allows you to optimize your computer. We note the following basic features of the program:

  • identification and correction of about fifty types of system registry errors;
  • the presence of additional functions (startup manager, file system optimization, cleaning disk partitions from garbage, monitoring the installation of programs for their correct removal in the future);
  • manual mode of operation with the software section;
  • creating copies of the registry;
  • cleaning the desktop from “wrong” shortcuts;
  • the ability to clean up garbage in the registry after the work of other similar programs;
  • Freeing up a significant amount of disk space after cleaning it

8.Reg Organizer

Although Reg Organizer can be called an excellent tool for optimizing PC performance, the component responsible for cleaning the registry is well implemented, which allowed the program to get into the rating.

If you want to not only get rid of garbage in the system registry but also clean up the file and operating system in general, this utility will come in handy.

Its key advantages:

  • defragmentation of system files with their subsequent compression;
  • complete removal of programs using Full Uninstall technology—the program performs this part of the work better than standard uninstallers;
  • startup manager, fine-tuning Windows for the needs of a particular user;
  • compatible with Windows starting with version XP.

9. Cleaner

Among the best programs for optimizing and cleaning the Windows registry is another domestic development, although it is positioned as a means of getting rid of annoying ads. The part that is designed to work with the registry is generally well implemented, but the functions include deleting junk and unused files, clearing logs, cookies, and caches of browsers and other programs, detecting and removing viruses, and much more. In a word, this is a complex process for optimizing PC performance.

The registry cleaner is launched with a single button, but the program will perform other actions in the background, including the detection of malicious files.


The main advantages of the program are:

  • availability of a free version with advanced features;
  • a fairly effective and fast procedure for cleaning the registry;
  • the ability to save the computer from work-related brakes;
  • removal of ads and malicious browser extensions;
  • freeing up disk space;
  • regular daily database updates.

10. CCleaner

The TOP-10 utilities for cleaning the Windows registry are completed by a very well-known program on the UNIX platform, which can also be called “universal.” CCleaner not only detects and fixes errors in the system registry, but it also cleans the cache of all browsers installed on the system and organizes the file system. Such abilities as the ability to recognize file types and change incorrect extension names are not very common.

The utility can optimize OS settings, work with the startup list, and also remove those installed programs that regular uninstallers could not handle. Finally, the program is able to perform a full disk scan to remove temporary files, dumps, logs, and other garbage.

In the free version of CCleaner, system registry cleaning is performed only in manual mode; if you want to set the program to run regularly, you will have to fork out for a paid option. However, experts advise not to perform this operation unnecessarily—only as necessary, when the slowdown of the PC becomes noticeable. Having the basic free version installed will suffice for this. Note that before manipulating the registry, the utility creates a backup copy of it in order to be able to roll back if problems arise as a result of cleaning.

Pros of CCleaner:

  • Cleaning the registry is implemented at a good level;
  • The program interface is easy to learn;
  • There is a built-in task scheduler.
  • For many functions, the utility supports basic keyboard shortcuts.
  • A detailed log is created in which you can familiarize yourself with the problematic registry entries.

Users point to cases when, after cleaning the registry, the OS was unstable and sometimes even refused to start. It is for this reason that the program did not manage to rise higher in our rating despite its rather high popularity.


As you can see, the pool of programs designed to clean the Windows registry is quite extensive, but only a small fraction of utilities specialize only in this operation. This is not surprising; it is not difficult for developers to implement simpler functions such as cleaning the disk or managing startup. With any choice, we recommend creating a copy of the registry and a restore point. This will save you from possible problems that are not excluded when performing this specific operation.

Perhaps you use other utilities to manipulate the registry and are satisfied with their work? We will be glad if you comment on this in the comments to our review.