13 extensions to popularize the Chrome browser


13 extensions to popularize the Chrome browser

Chrome is the world’s number one browser in terms of users. But most people are not aware of the extensions in this browser. Today we are giving you information about some extensions that will be useful to you.

In fact, browser extensions are software features that can be added to the browser to make it easier to use. These extensions give you extra features and options.

If you want to upgrade your browser, you can use the extension.

Now let’s learn about 13 useful extensions for Chrome.

scribe how

Scribe is an extension that allows you to record screens for free. This extension automatically guides your recorded video step-by-step.

This extension can be used to make a tutorial of any video or to inform someone about something through video.

similar sites

A similar site is an extension that allows you to view similar sites. For example, if you search for TechPana in Chrome, you can see other technology-related websites through this extension.

This extension can be used, especially when studying something. That is why the insufficient content you find on a website can be found on another website through the same website.

This extension can be used when shopping online, creating content, traveling, or searching for something.

power thesaurus

Bloggers can use the Power Thesaurus extension. This will replace the word you use with the best word.

It can be used as a synonym for any word. It can also be used to create attractive titles for your articles or blogs.

go fullpage

The Go Fullpage extension can be used to take a full screenshot of any webpage. Screenshot photos can be edited, downloaded as PDFs, PNGs, or JPGs.

headline studio

This is an extension that can be very suitable for a writer. With this, the headline of any article can be created instantly.

This suggests some more useful and attractive headline suggestions than the ones you have. Also, when writing any article, it provides attractive words as suggestions.

color district

Color District is an extension that allows you to pick the color of the pixels on any website.

The picked color code can be used on the website by copying the Photoshop or CSS code as per your requirement. It can also be used to create gradients (a mixture of different colors) according to your needs.

Font Ninja

If you want to know what fonts are used on any website, you can use the Fonts Ninja Extension.

It provides information on the fonts of the words on the website, their size, word-spacing, line-size, and color. Similarly, the fonts there can be used in various applications.


Grammarly may be an app known or heard by many. Did you know Grammarly also has a browser? Through this, the grammar, spelling, etc. of English words can be corrected directly on any page.

Also, through this, grammatical but vague sentences can be made clear.


Loom is an extension that allows you to record up to five minutes of screen time. It uses the camera when recording.

You can make a tutorial video with your face from this. It can be saved on a computer and used for other purposes.

Responsible Bhur

Responsive Viewer is a suitable extension for developers. Through this, the design of any website can be tested. It can be used to view a webpage in different sizes on the same screen.

It can also be used to detect extension bugs (security vulnerabilities). This extension may be useful for you if you are creating a website or landing page.


A Beatle is an extension that can shorten any link. If the link to any news or post is long, it needs more space or it doesn’t look professional.

It is difficult to remember such links. So if you want to shorten any link, you can use Beagle.

You can also add your own domain name if you use the paid version.

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