BDCOM How to reboot ONU from OLT CLI

Published: February 18, 2022

Last Modified: February 20, 2023

BDCOM How to reboot ONU from OLT CLI

For example, I will telnet to the BDCOM P3310C and reboot the ONU.

When connecting, let’s switch to elevated privilege mode:

  • enable

And we will reboot the desired ONU:

  • epon reboot onu interface epon 0/1:1

To answer the question below, press the y key

  • Are you sure to reboot the ONU(y/n)?

To reboot a BDCOM ONU from the OLT CLI (Command Line Interface), you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the OLT CLI using a terminal emulator program such as PuTTY or Tera Term.
  2. Enter the enable mode by typing the enable command and entering the enable password when prompted.
  3. Use the “show onu” command to display a list of all the ONUs registered with the OLT. This command will display the ONU ID, MAC address, and status of each ONU.
  4. Identify the ONU that you want to reboot and note its ONU ID.
  5. Type the “reboot onu <onu_id>” command to reboot the specific ONU. Replace <onu_id> with the ONU ID you noted in the previous step.
  6. Confirm that you want to reboot the ONU when prompted. The ONU will restart and reconnect to the OLT after a few minutes.

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